Twelve-Thirteen-Fourteen – Tell Someone(s) You Love Them

“Praying it forward,” I am re-posting this because 12/13/14 is a month away and I really want to “amplify the effect” on the world of all of us telling specific people we love them. This day is planned based on the work of Dr. Emoto of sending emotions and intentions into water… I’m in. Should I host a 12/13/14 blogathon? Everyone can posts links to their 12/13/14 content to further amplify the effect. What do you think? Would you post??? hugs, gerry

Engaged Spirituality With Gerry Straatemeier

colrfulglassheart_newworldHave you ever seen a headline about human suffering and felt helpless as you asked yourself, “What can I do?”

The enormity of the pain of war and disease and earthquakes and hunger and the astounding cruelty of some humans to others seems too big for one person to affect.

And there is an idea left over from some dark time that some lives just don’t count, and that it is OK to hate the people “like that.”  Some of us may even have been the “people like that” at one time or another in our lives.

The level of need and hate seems too big for one person to even make a tiny dent, although every kindness makes a difference to THAT person and to you…and, I believe, increases the supply of Love in the global human consciousness, no small thing.  I love to read stories of human kindness and goodness and…

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