28-Day Spiritual Renewal Challenge Begins November 15

candleAs the days grow shorter, the annual time of spiritual rebirth approaches. In preparation, we are challenged to be willing to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds” and to enhance our spiritual practices with a 28 day spiritual challenge or discipline.   Are you in? 

I have accepted an invitation to join this challenge and want to share it with you.  Each day we will be presented with a spiritual concept, a practice and an affirmation.

I invite you to look within a moment and set an intention for the result you desire.  For me, after two eye surgeries and possibly one more in my future, I intend clarity of vision in every area of my life. How I get there will be interesting.   Over the 28 days, whether you can participate every day or not, re-visit your intention when you see my post.

I have given my share of enthusiastic yeses to challenges here that I have not fulfilled.  In fact I had to retreat a little this month for NaBloPoMo and Photo 101 when my eye surgery didn’t go as expected.  (Better today finally, thank you, but still a challenge.)  And a few months back, life interfered with Writing 101.  (sad face)

So, I will share for me and you will participate as you can.  I would love to hear some comments about how a particular affirmation or practice affects your life. For me just the discipline of doing it – and sharing it – puts my focus where it belongs for my highest and best – on spiritual renewal and clarity of vision – and it will help keep the dragon of depression at bay as the holidays approach.

We will begin on November 15.  The material for this challenge is from the Center for New Thought Spirituality, Tucson AZ, Rev. George Wrigley, Sr. Minister.

hugs, gerry

PS – If any post during the challenge inspires you to write a post of your own, please feel free to promote it in the comments, and I will link back to it the following day.

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