Whence My Supply?

ForestPool_J_ORDINARY_JustLovelySpirituality – I am having a lovely time preparing materials for the 28 day spiritual challenge that starts tomorrow.

It’s a time of growth and insight for me as I delve deep into the Channel. As I worked on a piece about forgiveness last night, I realized (again – how could I have forgotten) that whatever choices other people make or made, they cannot really hurt me – inside, where it counts.

Only I can do that if I let myself believe they could be the source of my happiness or unhappiness.  They are not.  God (by many names) is my Source and my Supply.

Negativity cannot come near “my inner dwelling place,” my open heart, from outside of me.  It can only stem from my judgments about how life “should” be  and my mistaken desire to control something outside of myself.

So am releasing my resentments and fears and I send everyone everywhere only love and blessings.  And am watching my boundaries as is my right and responsibility.

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