candleAs the days grow shorter, the annual time of spiritual rebirth approaches. In preparation, we are challenged to be willing to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds” and to enhance our spiritual practices with a 28 day spiritual challenge or discipline.   Are you in? 

Day 1

Order is the first law of the Universe, though chaos also serves a creative purpose, but we humans are a messy lot.  Speaking for myself, of course. In Western cultures we also often have more than we need of “stuff” and to-do-lists, laundry, cluttered closets and drawers.

Every single one of these things lays claim to some part of our consciousness and obstructs the Divine Flow.  When we bring order into our lives, we open a channel for Universal Good to flow through and to us,


NOTE:  On a personal level, this may be the most difficult of all the practices.  I struggle with every kind of clutter and disorganization every day.  BUT, I love having a new REASON to do what I know I must do. I accept and welcome this discipline and open myself to any resources and guidance that can help me along this path.


Say to yourself or write, “As I bring order into my life, I open the floodgates for the flow of  Universal Good, Harmony and Love.”

Affirm this to yourself 7 times, heart open as shown below, morning, noon and evening.

Your Spiritual Practice:

First, clear the clutter from your MIND, by moving your focus inward, simply breathing deeply and regularly and smiling gently. This smiling keeps your heart and mind open to an Influx of Divine Experience.   Remaining in this consciousness, repeat the affirmation to yourself as you clear out and bring order to one area in your physical space.  Possible areas for clearing are the top of your desk, a drawer, a closet or portion of a closet, a corner in your garage or your email inbox or desktop.  Then, periodically over the next 28 days, spend time bringing order to the physical spaces in your life where there is clutter and discord, remembering to affirm that you are clearing a channel for your Good to flow to you.

EXTRA: Take some time to journal your experience.

***If you choose to publish your thought as a post, please feel free to promote it in the comments below.



Based on November challenge from Center For New Thought Spirituality, Tucson, AZ – George Wrigley, Sr Minister


  1. I really smiled at this one! We are getting ready to move in about 10 days, and this very day is the one in which I decided to tackle the drawers under this contraption we are using as a computer ‘desk’. And here, I thought this was going to be hard… LOL Thanks, Gerry and the universe!

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