Everything that happens in our lives is the result of our own consciousness, much of it below the level of our awareness.  The Law of Attraction teaches that we draw unto ourselves more of what we already are, vibrationally, as well as more of what we believe about the world and think about all day. For our ultimate wellbeing, then, it’s important to clear away everything that blocks our consciousness of Universal Good flowing in, as and through us.  And to find, and live gratefully  from, our SoulCenter.

By bringing in an intentional consciousness of Love and Gratitude, a return to wholeness occurs.  Our health and wellbeing blossom.  Blessings abound.

Wholeness – To me it implies whole and complete, fully functioning, healthy, nothing lacking, at peace with oneself and the world, One with the Universe…  What does it mean to you?

Today’s Affirmation:

“Through whole and complete love, I am returned to wholeness.”

Spiritual Practice:  Ho-oponoponoHoOponopono_Yellowstone_Zespy

Today we will use an updated version of the powerful ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho-Oponopono to eliminate some of the unconscious thoughts based on past experiences that have been causing problems in our lives.  It invites us to take responsibility for our life experience by correcting our relationship to the world around us through Love.  My friends and I have all gotten tremendous peace and healing through this practice, especially if we had specific issues in mind when we started, from relationships to healing to right employment, etc.  I hope you do too.

A Chant to help you-

This Youtube video provides a chant which really helps me in this process.  I love it and I hope you will too!  In fact, I can’t stop singing it to myself – which is GOOD.

The first minute gives you some music as a time to just breathe, relax any tension in your body – and SMILE gently – (thank you Thay), as I have taught the past 3 days  – and then the chant begins.  Use it to focus your full attention on your process.

Here’s all that you have to do

Morning, noon and evening tonight – as well as you can – listen to the brief 4 minute video. Clear your mind as I suggest, then simply take the person, situation or event you identified yesterday and apply the practice of “Ho-oponopono” to it.  You merely say to the person, situation or event you are working on –  within your heart and mind:

“I’m sorry, “Please forgive me, I Thank you, I love you.”

The idea is to get past the judgments and assumptions which have been holding you back, to a state of what I might call “open-heartedness.”


For a deeper understanding of this profound practice, watch this 10-minute interview with Dr. Hew Len.  He speaks to the issue of taking full responsibility for whatever he comes into his experience.  He asks himself, “What is going on in me that I am experiencing this?”  (for instance a violent psychotic patient on psych ward where he works).  He does Ho-Oponopono on himself, in his office,and the entire ward calms. Powerful woowoo!

Here’s something I love from Emmett Fox, whose works are available for download over the internet.


“There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;

No disease that enough love will not heal;

No door that enough love will not open;

No gulf that enough love will not bridge;

No wall that enough love will not throw down;

No sin that enough love will not redeem…

It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble;

How hopeless the outlook;

How muddled the tangle;

How great the mistake;

A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all…

If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world.” Dr. Emmet Fox


Extra:  If this post prompts a blog post from you, please feel free to link to it and promote it in comments here.  hugs, gerry


  1. I have really appreciated these. Day 4 and I can already feel myself engaging in some lovely reflection with these prompts– thank you so much for posting them. I look forward to the next 24 days!


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