How Are You Called To Transformation?


As we start the second week of our spiritual challenge, our focus shifts from opening the channel to discovering our purpose.

wavecrl_aimerLaNature__CallL_OHMThis photo is deliberately a little jarring, because we sometimes need to be jarred before we are willing to change.  Change is often difficult, and we have to believe that the benefits of change will exceed the comforts of staying the same, or we won’t do it.  On the other hand, why wait until life is unbearable to make that choice?

Within each of us, there is a call to grow spiritually – to grow in compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, non-attachment, love, peace of mind, etc.  At various points in life we have been challenged to apply one of these spiritual qualities to solve a riddle or problem in our lives.  Sometimes we are presented with the same riddle more than once, lol.  I prefer to be “pulled by purpose” than “driven by disaster.”

This week we will also consider our purpose or mission.  Mine has shifted many times as I have climbed the mountain of my life, and yours will too, I am sure.  But when you can focus in on a purpose, a mission for your days and nights, it’s much easier to decide how to allocate your resources, the most precious being time, and sometimes it also gives me a reason to make the hard choices necessary for my growth.

Today, you are only asked to open yourself to the idea that there MIGHT be a calling in you to grow spiritually or an expanded purpose for your life.

Affirmation: “There is a CALL within me and I open to hear it.”  Repeat this affirmation several times during the day, especially as you start your contemplation.

Spiritual Practice
Today, spend some time in contemplation or journaling about the times you have experienced a CALL to transformation, perhaps in the form of a life challenge.  Was there a spiritual solution to your dilemma?  Did you have to redefine the problem to solve it?

EXTRA: If you decide to post your musings on this subject, please feel free to share and promote your post in the comments to this post.

And, please excuse my week’s absence due to illness and family.

hugs, gerry

NOTE:  Everything in this series is adapted from the November Call to Transformation from the Center For New Thought Spirituality, Tucson,AZ



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