Listening For The Call To Purpose

This is week two of our 4-week spiritual challenge.

ListenUp_deer_Aimer la Nature_Call_OHM.jpgWe continue today on the “path to purpose” by understanding that The Universe/Spirit/God/ Divine Force  for Good by whatever name, expresses through us, and we each have gifts within us that are meant to be shared with the world.  Sometimes we find we have settled for a life that does not encourage or allow us to fully express those gifts, at other times we find that we are called to expand and it’s time for a yet greater expression.  We are not all called to Fame, but we are each an important and beautiful thread in the fabric of life, adding strength and color and pattern as we give our gifts – and we are called to give them.

When it’s time for an inner or outer change, we get a quiet urging, a dream, an idea…a divine discontent…and then just as quickly we can allow ourselves to become distracted by “the everyday” and forget it. It might seem too difficult or too big or completely unattainable.  This week we are giving ourselves time to explore these urgings in some depth.

Myself, I made a commitment a few months back to write a book.  It’s a book about overcoming deep depression, which I have done, and I know it can help people.  Then as I started collecting notes and outlines and writing, I was overwhelmed with the size of the task – and also the audacity.  I had a few bad days and thought maybe I didn’t really have anything wise to say.  But I know that when I was deeply depressed I could never imagine the life I have today was possible for me, and…

1. I really wanted to know someone else could understand what it was REALLY like in that darkness and

2.  I really wanted someone To show me the way out.

So in my work this week, I am recommitting myself to that purpose.

Affirmation: “There is a CALL within me and I listen deeply open to hear it.”  Repeat this affirmation several times during the day, especially as you start your contemplation.

Spiritual Practice
Today, spend some time in contemplation or journaling about the nudges you have had from, the Universe lately, to change either something about your life experience or change something about the way you experience (respond to) life.

EXTRA: If you decide to post your musings on this subject, please feel free to share and promote your post in the comments to this post.

hugs, gerry

NOTE:  Everything in this series is adapted from the November Call to Transformation from the Center For New Thought Spirituality, Tucson,AZ

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