What Have You been Avoiding?

28 day Spiritual Challenge, Week 2

In week two, each day we are meditating and journaling as our spiritual practices – and we are thinking about our purpose on this planet and whether we are being called to say sunBehindBlossoms!SWP_Call_OHMor do something new or differently or to embark on a project or journey.

First day, we opened to the idea that there COULD BE a call to transformation or spiritual growth from within us, gently nudging us forward to take a step we have feared or avoided in the past.  It could be something small, like making some phone calls to reach out to other people.  It could be something as large as a change in career or relationship. Only you will know.  And only you will know if you took up the challenge…

I believe we are each born with seeds of greatness within us – not fame necessarily, but with some gifts to share that the world is hurting for.  In that vein, I re-dedicated to my writing – my serious writing, beyond the blog.  But usually we – or I – shy away from stepping up to our greatness out of shyness, false modesty, fear of failure, fear of rejection and so on.

Yesterday, if you have been following along, we listened for the vague callings from within ourselves.  There may have been more than one, probably fairly ill-defined.  They could have been around the work from last week, about a challenge you are facing, about a genius idea you haven’t followed up on…or simply a place in yourself you want to strengthen.

Today we open yet further to actually clearly HEAR the call, the challenge, the chance(s)we are being urged to take.  It will very likely move us out of our comfort zone

Our affirmation is, “Today I HEAR the call within me.”  Use it in meditation as below.

For me the urgings are around my physical health and some steps I have put off taking that could help me a lot.  They cost a pretty penny plus some effort, both outside my comfort zone.  I believe I need to see a doctor of functional medicine about my fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc, and the general state of my health.  I have been fatigued and I am not sleeping well.  Health insurance does not cover these visits.  I have also been working to further define my purpose and as I was doing so, I had an insight about why I am so uncomfortable in social situations.  It’s pure ego, me thinking I need to have something to say.  The insight came as I was planning to spend time with family with whom I have had strained relations after I had done the forgiveness ands self-forgiveness work of the first week.  No, I just need to have questions to ask and a true interest in the other person.  And see how the universe provides?  I have an assignment this week in writing 201 to interview someone and hone those very skills!

Spiritual Practice

So, today, we are being asked to meditate and journal about the calls we are hearing (I named several), to gain some clarity and want to focus on the very ones we want to avoid.  no pain, no gain, they say.

Start as we have other days, by clearing your mind, softly smiling as you focus your attention n your breathing and your body, fully relaxing before you start thinking about purpose or call.  then ask yourself, “What have I been avoiding that I know I really am being guided to do?”  Meditate upon the question for a bit, and then journal your thoughts.

I do hope that some of you are doing some of this work, it has been quite helpful to me – and committing to write it all out has kept me focused on the work.   If you decide to post something on your blog about that journaling, please feel free to post a link in the comments section of this post(any time you come across this challenge, not just this week), and promote your post.

hugs, gerry


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