Full To Overflowing With God, A Love Song

Inspirations:  “Annie’s Song,” John Denver  (You fill up my Senses), played on a harp during the meditation, and St. Paul in Ephesians 3:19  “To know this Love that surpasses knowledge–that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”

Important: If you do not meditate regularly, please see post named “Open Hearted Meditations” for the preparation for each meditation…or my meditation “Breathing and Smiling.”

In preparation:

Continue breathing mindfully in this way, bring your attention now to the left side of your chest, to your heart area, imagining it literally expanding with each breath.  Feel a warmth, a LOVE from the heart spreading throughout your body and beyond.

Breathing, warming, I notice my whole consciousness lift as I rise above and release the ordinary daily heavier tasks of life.  I AM completely here, in this NOW moment.

Breathing deeply and regularly and consciously, letting our breath flow through our expanded heart  let us picture the sun rising in the East over the mountains or the forest or the sea, gradually lighting and warming us all.  Another day has dawned.

Let us bask a while in this mystical beauty, lost in the soft pinks and oranges and light blues warming and brightening every part of the landscape and filling our senses.  We cannot help but SMILE (a reminder) at the mystic beauty of God’s morning love note. We allow the warm, gentle light of that morning greeting to fill – and continue to expand – our heart space. We invite this warm light to fill us, body and soul.  We know that in THIS moment, all is well and very well and we…  yes…we can’t help but smile. Our smile is our recognition that a Great Gift is being received.  I invite you to stay open and relaxed  to receive …

Full To Overflowing With God

God is the Source and Essence of my Life. I am as a ray of sunshine …without the sun I AM not.

Everything that I am in mind, body and soul is made of God-ness, and this morning, I pray only to be fully awaked to this Truth, for even one moment of time. Heart and Soul, this is my morning prayer.

For cup-overflowingthis moment in time, I pray to transcend transcend mere thought for when I THINK, my ego can block the flow of Spirit.  Right here and right now, I know and FEEL the Love that transcends all intellectual knowledge.  Today I ask, today I accept, today I open all my senses to FEEL Spirit Moving in me, and Loving in me and through me – and “Peacing” as me in every way.

I accept “full to overflowing, with Spirit,” full enough to SEE through the eyes of Spirit, to TASTE through the full discernment of Spirit, to HEAR through the ears of Spirit, to TOUCH with the gentle healing Touch of Spirit, to SMELL only the sweet Fragrance of Spirit all around me. Everything seems transformed and transfigured through my awakened senses!  And I know everything – every bit of my journey and my experience – even the parts I hated at the time – as truly good and very good and in the Perfect Order of things.

I feel my consciousness lifted and expanded as though the more I fill myself with God, the less room there is for all that is heavy. All in me, anywhere in me, that contains particles of worry, fear, resentment, disappointment and pain naturally falls away as I fill myself with God-awareness throughout my being.

This is the secret behind my smile, and the secret of its power.

 God in me Fills all the empty places,

Heals all the hurting places,

Bolsters all the vulnerable places,

Calms all the stormy places,

Lights all the dark or cloudy spaces,

Guides all the questing places,

Comforts all the aching places,

Companions all the lonely places,

Wets all the thirsty places  AND

Setts forth a banquet of good in all the hungry places.

I am God-filled to the brim, cup overflowing with the love and peace and joy and beauty of God, my Source, my Author, my Being.

  • My senses fully awakened, fully alive and aware, I am fully empowered.
  • I see only beauty everywhere I look; even in the garbage I see only possibility – I see compost and new energy and materials as the atoms of the stars are recycled and recycled once again and again and again.
  • I know only Goodness and yet more potential Goodness in everyone I meet. However overcome they may be by fear or pain today, I hear and know only Love or requests for Love.

Now, filled beyond fullness with God, filled to overflowing with all the qualities of God, my Source, I proclaim that God is Love. Of this I am completely sure. I smile as I feel this Love in me. What else can I do!

God also is Peace, the Peace that passes understanding.

God is Plenty, for there is only God as far as the universe can stretch and certainly more than enough for me. God is Order, and everything occurs according to order and natural law.

And God is Strength and Power, the One Power, there is no other.

Awake and aware, I know that all these Divine qualities I experience right now and much and more are mine to use through the Strength and Power of God in me, as me, all around me, acting through me.

As a unique and conscious manifestation of the Mind and Heart of God I AM a vehicle of my Source embodying God’s Love and Peace and Plenty, as a ray of sunshine embodies light and warmth.

Moving into the silence, breathing and smiling, I bask peacefully, filled and fulfilled, in the morning sunshine of a Love and a Plenty in me, as me and through me, Love and Plenty beyond the full understanding of my human senses, and I rest securely beside the still waters of a Strength in me, far beyond all knowledge…

Silent meditation until you are ready to return.  As you do, touch your physical body somewhere with the great Love and Peace, knowing that you ARE the Love and Peace and Consciousness of God made manifest.


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