Open Hearted Meditations – An Introduction



In this section, I plan to publish the best parts of meditations I have done over the past 20 years that still resonate when I read them later. People who have heard them have begged me to publish them (and sell them at their church I think).

Keep in  mind of course, these are spoken meditations, and although I do plan to record them for you at some point, I’m sure they will feel different to you as a reader.  We do have a home recording studio, time…perhaps….  So, just imagine, there is always soft live guitar or harp music playing behind me, so you can imagine that as you read them and I am speaking with expression.


THIS IS HOW WE BEGIN EACH MEDITATION…also how I invite you to prepare for the meditations I post.

What ARE you thinking?In each case we start by getting comfortable, grounding ourselves, and moving our attention inward.  It does not matter how you sit or lie, just that you are comfortable but not asleep.

Our first focus is always on the breath – the breath of life – and then on spiritually charging the exchange between the lungs and heart with Love and Peace, etc. through the imagination.  Then we mindfully see and feel our oxygenated and spiritually charged blood plasma nourishing and cleansing each part of our body temple.

*** We add  a warm and gentle smile to open the heart, which we maintain throughout.  

After a time of merely smiling and breathing and being nourished and cleansed, we proceed.

At any time, being distracted from our meditation, we return home:  A gentle smile and the mantra
“Breathing in, I am nourished.  Breathing out, I am cleansed.”

At the end of any meditation, I invite you to just sit quietly for a time, smiling gently, assimilating the thoughts from the meditation.

hugs, gerry


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