My New Blog Theme Is Up – Any Feedback?

Grandma Gerry

Grandma Gerry

If you are wondering about the increased content this morning, I have been moving things around as I make a new theme go live.   I had been experimenting with it on my test blog.  My meditations had been pages, but now they are properly categorized as posts.  The past few months, I have been experimenting and working to create a new look, a new organization, and a new ease of use to Open Hearted Musings.   I have learned so much from other bloggers, even just looking at how they have done theirs.

I wanted to upgrade my “brand” and make it clearer who I was.

I learned how to use categories, I learned about magazine themes, I learned how to use featured images, and I am pleased so far, so have gone live with it. I think I may keep “uncategorized” for posts that aren’t evergreen.  (another new term – hey who says you can’t teach an ol;d dog new tricks?)

Things to think about though…

  1. The theme is called “Sight ” and I like the way it looks – with the exception that the site title is so large and the header is so small. Is there a theme with these features and this crisp look (I love the black background) that fixes those two things?
  2. I needed a magazine-style theme  that listed snippets of a post down the page with a Featured image that wasn’t repeated in the text unless I wanted it there.  This allows people to see much more content than the infinite scroll did (hey I didn’t even know that term two months ago- yeah for me!)
  3. I really like the black background.
  4. I love how easy it is to find the edit link.
  5. I needed categories to crisply line up along the top of the content.  I still have months of work to categorize years worth of posts, but so far, so good.The major categories work to tell people what to expect here.
  6. I don’t need a lot of posting formats, but I do wish there was a slider and an option for a sticky post.  I thought this theme had those, but can’t find them.

I hope you like it and that it helps you find the content you want.  I still have weeks and weeks of work to do fixing categories in my older posts (before this summer) but I couldn’t wait.  I have some of that impulse control disorder in me.

I would LOVE to hear any feedback on my 5 “things to think about.”

hugs, gerry


4 thoughts on “My New Blog Theme Is Up – Any Feedback?

  1. I like the way the Pages are listed at the top, very easy to see and navigate!! I know it takes a lot of work to get your web page just the way you want, but also easy for us readers to navigate! Great work!!!!! ❤


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