12-13-14 “I LOVE YOU DAY” Is Almost Here!

121314_Marty Hager Cox‎On that day, December 13, 2014, even more than any other day, we are all called to tell other people we love them – family, friends, strangers, people we have argued with, politicians whose policies we oppose, anyone and everyone we have any energetic connection to, positive or negative, out loud, to their face, by phone, by mail, energetically…. this is a day of healing for the planet, clearing away some of the debris that keeps us all stuck in an old paradigm. Oh, BTW, I love YOU. hugs, gerry see here for more info and join the “I love you” r-evolution!


I have been practicing.  You know, if you aren’t used to saying “I love you” except to your spouse and kids, it’s not that easy.  I feel like I am breaking a cultural norm.  The other person is uncomfortable too, doesn’t know how to respond. Do I mean romantic love?   Do I LOOK like I am coming on to you??????


I am breaking a cultural norm which says we must keep a wall of separation between ourselves and others.

The norm that says we cannot know that way how we are all part of one interconnected Whole.  How we are all One of God.  How we are each a Divine, Shining, Talented, Ray of the Beloved – even those whose intentions seem less than honorable.  Inside, they are the same, just afraid they can’t thrive without grabbing everything for themselves or being in control of everything and everyone.  MLK and Gandhi and Mandela and many others devoted their lives to proving that the best way to beat an enemy was to make him or her your friend and that Love moves mountains.


Beyond that, I am trying to be free with what I particularly admire about  each person I send my love to.  This just expands it, personalizes it, and in the case of the people whom  have found disagreeable, it helps me to look past their armor.

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