Self-Love – A New Holiday Tradition

Holiday-depressionI got to thinking about the holidays; happens every year this time, lol.

So many people are miserable at the holidays and pretend they aren’t.  But as you know yourself, no one is saying. I remember those days.  You look around and see how happy everyone else seem to be and wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”  You wish everyone a “Merry Christmas,” even try to smile, try to get away.  How am I?  “Fine.”   

For the first time in years I have time to myself in December – the past 10 years have been full of rehearsals and shows – but no shows for me this year and even though I loved it, even though it was exciting, I  am happy to have given myself the gift of TIME this year.   Usually by now I am so stressed out I can hardly walk (I have Fibromyalgia and have sometimes worked on stage in my wheelchair).  This year, I feel great!!

I wanted to tell you about something that helped me during years past – I learned that since no one else is responsible for my happiness, it was not a winning strategy to expect other people to make my holiday bright. Including family.  Sometimes especially family.

So I started setting some of my Xmas budget aside to buy something I wanted for me.  I even wrapped it – if it was little, it went into my stocking.  This year I haven’t bought anything yet for myself – and I may not.  I already have  way too much “stuff.”  This year my gift to myself is the spiritual challenge you may have seen some posts about.

Did I mention TIME?  To read silly books I thoroughly enjoy, listen to music that’s not famous but enormously entertaining, just hang out with my honey doing nothing in particular and being completely nonproductive.  Merry Christmas to you too.



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