Sunday Morning Musings on Dynamics In Writing And Music

hokey_pokey_leadsheetSunday Morning Musings on Dynamics – in Music and writing…and life – even in a Thanksgiving meal.

Am enjoying a lazy Sunday morning in my rocker/recliner, listening to a great jazz set, letting the sunshine in to warm the room, loving the smell of the desert after a good rain.  Tea-water heating.  Chai today.  Honey.  No milk.

Am musing on writing while listening to fun music and totally relaxing.  Now I’m no pro, I hadn’t even gotten past the outline for my book before freaking out and hiding in freelancing busy-ness for 6 months.  Which made me tired for a few weeks of writing anything at all.  Full stop.  But I have been writing all my life, probably will keep it up.  Love that I can share it now with other people and attend to  more than just “getting it out.”  And maybe write a book, who knows?

I was just musing that a good piece of writing is probably a lot like a good piece of music.  It has to have melody, BEAT, stops and rests, crescendos and decrescendos…and who doesn’t love a great vocalist singing stirring-funny-juicy-smooth-gravelly lyrics about life?  Now I don’t pretend to have ever written such a piece, but I would sure love it if my book turned out like that.  After all, my life has.  I think I’ll add this note to my outline – it’s not about content – it’s not about message – it’s about DYNAMICS.

Even Thanksgiving dinner isn’t all turkey.  It would be a total flop without the thanksgiving-dinnercranberry sauce, green beans, mashed potatoes, yams… mincemeat pie!   A photograph that is all-red-no variations..well, it would just be a red rectangle.  There always has to be figure and ground.

DH is a professional entertainer – jazz, blues, Motown, island and I’m privileged to go along for the ride.  He has a most amazing voice, a compelling presence, and a huge book – but even he can lose an audience if every selection is a ballad.  He thinks of himself as a crooner, his ballads do really shine, and they are what people remember him for – but to make them really memorable, he also needs to include music in his set that’s “up” or Latin or or country or funny or some deep gravelly blues.  It’s a matter of dynamics.  And figure and ground.

Life is kind of like that isn’t it?  Some days are lazy Sunday mornings like this one, live, light jazz and reparte over the intertubes and talking to friends I don’t know yet and may never meet in person, as the words easily flow through my fingers.  Some days are a joyful dance. some are reading-in-bed, and others are a sweaty treadmill slog.  Some loves are tender new-mother-love, some juicy lustful love, some raw grief at loss-of-love, some are best-friend-love, some terrified mother-of-teens-love, some comfortable, intimate long-time grow-old-together love.  Some views are breathtaking mountain heights, some are homeless old drunks going through garbage to find a meal, some are a gorgeous Spring flower opening in bright full color, some are the faces of children in a war-torn far-away country.  You can’t appreciate the mountains vistas without the valleys that were hollowed out to form them, right?  Ok, Ok, some metaphors go on and on and on.  See – you need a REST, right?

I turn 73 tomorrow (Happy Birthday to me – I’m old enough to be proud of surviving every one of them) and my life has been full of all of the above and so much more.  Nothing stays forever, good bad or indifferent, the dynamics of life and living means everything is always in motion and always evolving and always affected by everything else. Dynamics.  Motion.  Growth.  Change.  Count me in.

Sunday morning musings.


noun: dynamics; plural noun: dynamics
  1. the branch of mechanics concerned with the motion of bodies under the action of forces.
    • the branch of any science in which forces or changes are considered.
      “chemical dynamics”
  2. the forces or properties that stimulate growth, development, or change within a system or process.
    “the dynamics of changing social relations”
  3. MUSIC – the varying levels of volume of sound in different parts of a musical performance.





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