Solstice Radiant Love-light Meditation

SolsticeLightInspiredToThrive:FBIntroduction – As we move within, let us close our eyes, to symbolically separate ourselves from the material world and enter the realm of compelling non-physical, metaphysical (beyond the physical) reality. If you are reading this, please close your eyes in your imagination. And, please understand the word “God” here to mean any name you have for the Divine, that Loving “Something” that is beyond us and bigger than us – and wants only the best for us. All paths up the mountain of life join at the top.

We begin – As we close our eyes on this Solstice day, let us invite only a warm darkness into our visual field, our cocoon, our seed…our womb…

This is not the darkness of fear and loss – this is a cocoon, a Sacred Gift, and as we rest here we welcome the repair and transformation of our body, mind and spirit – in preparation for the transformation or renewal ahead.

I will continue on in the first person, inviting you to think of me as speaking for and as you. I now move my attention inward, to my breath.

Today I inhale gradually, then pause there for a moment, before I softly exhale and then pause again.

  • As I inhale, I allow the Sacred Dark to safely cover and enfold me, to nourish and protect me during my time of transformation. * As I exhale I fully relax and I smile, expecting only Good and More Good.
  • As I inhale, I smile to or at the Divine Presence, the Sacred Spark within me more than my body. This smile opens and expands my heart. * As I exhale, I know that if I ever get lost or distracted, this simple smile is always, always my ticket Home. What a gift that is!
  • As I inhale, resting here in tender Love and deep Peace, I remember that I am a beloved child of God, one drop of the Ocean of Life, an inseparable ray of Divine Love-Light. * As I exhale, my heart expands further and I smile to know my Oneness with God and therefore with the Quantum Creative Field of Unlimited Possibility, mine to explore and to bring some part into the material world. Beyond the physical, everything, Everything is energy.
  • As I inhale, I gradually become aware of a warm light that has been emanating from my expanded heart and I bring my attention there. *As I exhale, I know this as the Light of Spirit Itself, My Source, the Everlasting Gift of Light Within me. I sense the time of awakening is nigh.
  • I smile as I inhale and welcome this Light of Love. I picture it, I give it form and color and temperature. I exhale and I feel it washing over me and flowing all images-5through me – healing and enlivening every organ and cell and process of my body temple.

The Light of Love flowing through me awakens an expanded awareness of the non-physical Spirit, the Eternal Light within me. The I of “I-AM,” the one who is absorbing this meditation. This is a Sacred Time of awakening and I stop to give thanks.

This Love-Light shines ever more brightly in me, as me, through me, and all around me. It flows outward from my expanded heart, a little stronger with each beat, and I remember that this is my true identity. The expression of this Holy Love-Light is my only purpose, my contribution to Peace on Earth.

I declare each coming day for me to be a yet more loving tomorrow. Just as a flower sends out its fragrance – just because it is a flower – or the sun shines its warmth and light without judgment or expectation – because that is its nature – so the Love-light within me radiates out towards everybody and everything as I grow in my willingness, my ability, my discipline to love without judgment.  All I can do is to try, and to do better.

It is Christmas week here and today in the Bethlehem of our soul we are all Mary and the beautiful Christ child being welcomed and praised is the Love-Light shining within us, and shining as us, and though us, and all around us. We are spiritual beings, here to reflect and radiate the Love and Light and Peace of God into the material world. Truly we are luminous souls, in the world but not of it. It is the same message in every religion. God is Love and God’s Love flows through us to bring Light and Peace into the darkness.

Let us celebrate this transformation of purpose – while all the angels in heaven join with us, singing joyfully of the Holy Light of Love and of Peace on Earth, radiating through our open hearts.



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