Turning The Page Again – For The 73rd Time.

HappyNewYear2015Happy New Year to each of you: I hope your holidays were magical and fulfilling – and if they were not, I hope turning the page sounds like a great idea.  Either way, please expect to be pleasantly surprised with what 2015 brings you.  I have been off line because my eyes hurt; am working with ophthalmologists to get them taken care of.

2015 has arrived.  No I am not making any resolutions.  I never fulfill them anyway.  What I am intending is to change some habits a little at a time.  So that the change is sustainable.

Our brains don’t like “all at once.” One improvement at a time A while back we decided that one place we could painlessly put a little order into our chaotic life was to make the bed each and every day – and we have kept that up now for several years.  Every day it makes me feel good.  That’s an example.  No, putting all the clothes way is a step too far, lol. I have some gradual ideas for my health which I’m not ready to share until I actually try them, lol.

2014 for me was the year I got serious about writing, but it was a practice year.  I had intended to start my book but instead I worked as a freelancer and honed my skills, built up my confidence. Yes, I guess I can write and yes, people praised my work.  But after 70 articles, I quit – because I wasn’t writing about anything that mattered to ME, and after writing those articles, I didn’t feel like writing at all.  Writer’s Block.

  • I did accomplish upgrading the look and feel of my blog at the end of the year and learned a lot about WP in the process.  And started to understand how what I have learned might benefit other people.  And I did  write some good posts even if I wasn’t as prolific as I hope to be soon as my eyes are fixed.
  • I did succeed in providing content for 4 different Facebook pages with different followings, almost every day.  I have had so much fun making the images with quotes. The major one is the one associated with this blog, Open Hearted Musings and with Imagine Yourself Happy.  Sometimes I blog about the post, most often actually not. The others were spiritual pages that lifted me up.  These were given in hopes that some insight of mine might strike a chord with someone else and help them in some way . And each of the 4 pages has at least quadrupled its following in the past year, so that’s something.  Of course, I was the primary beneficiary as is always the case.

So, 2015 is staring me in the face, a calendar filled with empty pages.  I have started working on telling a part of my story I have never talked about publicly, and it will take some time.  Am not yet ready to disclose.  Meanwhile, life it good here, and I hope it’s good at your house too.  hugs, gerry

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