Vast Global Daily Online Lovefest

Yesterday’s post dealt with the sense of personal isolation the average blogger like me experiences as we write our hearts out and never know if anyone ever actually sees our words.  Today I am a member of The Wellness Universe, a site and a group that brings together quality content in all areas of wellness, from the personal to the environmental.  They provide resources for content providers including promotion.  Yippie!

GlobalLovefest_OHMWP Community – WordPress has done a good job in Blogging 101 and in various prompts explaining how to create community here for yourself – by reading, visiting and commenting on other people’s blogs, perhaps mentioning something that someone else wrote that particularly struck you on your own blog.  “Awards” are another tool that kind people have used to promote someone else’s work.  The award invites you to tell something(s) about yourself (answering questions), and to pass the award along to other bloggers, whose work you describe.  The “Liebster Award,” the first I received, is generally for bloggers who have under 200 followers to encourage them to “socialize” with other bloggers.  I was blown away that someone liked my blog.  It was a “wow” day.  There is a fair amount of work involved in answering the nomination, but I have found new blogs through other people’s award nominations as well  Just today I found Silver Girl and Visionaries Will Prevail while reading an award nomination by Quixotic Faith, who had liked a comment I made on another blog.  Like anything else, it takes time to build relationships, and that’s time we’re not writing – and not taking care of our real-world responsibilities. But even a “like” tells you that someone has stopped by.  I want to promote the use of “likes” as you peruse your Reader.

As an aside, how could a person hold a cyber-party?  BYOB(log)  Rotating host?  Opinionated Man got in trouble for his “Meet and Greets,” where bloggers could promote their own work.  Truthfully, I don’t understand it.  But I’d love to have a blogging party if I can think how.

Global Community – Here’s why I blog.   Mostly.  The internet has created the opportunity for a vast global community of positive bloggers and Facebook Fan-page owners and others to meet each other and amplify each other’s messages.  People spend time every day, largely without compensation, just to be a beneficial presence for each other and for millions of other people who need a little boost or information.  I feel that community more strongly on Facebook, but I am aware of it here as well.  This is not THE reason for WP, nor THE reason for FB, plenty of people use both for other reasons, including nefarious reasons, but I am inspired at the positive influence we can have, all together, on the consciousness of the planet.  We are so divided and different and so at odds, if you listen to the news, but so much the same across boundaries of nations, religions, races, cultures, gender, age, etc, etc.  When we write, and when we read, we are blind to those differences.  It can’t help but have a gradual healing impact.

wellnessunivers.netI am honored that my FB page belonging to this blog has just been approved as a member of “The Wellness Universe,” which has the ambitious goal of providing a global directory of ‘Top Wellness Resources For Best: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social & Spiritual Support”   Wow, That’s a mouthful.  The directory is not live yet, but it will be very soon, and here is their Facebook page.  I invite you to go there and to click around, visit some of the pages they have chosen to feature posts from, and you will see what I mean.  My morning spiritual practice has me choosing posts from others to share with my “fans,” with a little commentary at times, as well as creating (hopefully) inspirational posts of my own.  It grounds me.  It helps me to be the best version of me I can be.  It reminds me why I am here.

The Miracle – This post is getting too long, so I will say more about the “miracle” another day.  Suffice it to say, in days past, for instance during the years that I was deeply depressed, there simply was not the easy access to information and support that there is today.  Unless you could afford a therapist, and got very lucky picking one out you actually liked, basically you were on your own.  When I first started my spiritual quest, similarly, unless you happened to find a “church” you clicked with, you were stuck with libraries and bookstores and conferences and journaling and personal retreats.  And organized religion as I had met it didn’t click for me.  Likewise with health issues.  I mean you used to have to see a doctor to get any information at all!  Imagine! Talk about isolation.

So, when I blog, when I participate in FB healing pages, I know that I may offer hope or information to someone across the world I will never meet…and it might not be today….and on the off chance that could be so…I keep writing.  Plus, it keeps me honest in my own healing work.

hugs, gerry


5 thoughts on “Vast Global Daily Online Lovefest

  1. Thanks for writing this post. There are so many different aspects to it that I was interested in.

    I am glad to know about the Wellness Universe although I don’t use Facebook at least at this point.

    It is also always good to think about why I blog. I am loving reintroducing writing into my daily life. I love the sense of community I get from WordPress bloggers. I love learning about and sharing new topics. I love writing about topics I am passionate about. I also see my writing as seva (service) in that others have the opportunity to reflect on and learn from my posts.


    • I enjoyed your Amma posts, but glad also that you are home. Service is also high on my list of reasons to blog and comment. But meeting likeminded new friends is very wonderful too. 🙂

      And service is the entire reason for my FB pages.

      hugs, gerry

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