Blogging 201 Musings On Goals

womanatcomputerclipartMusings on goals – we’re to settle on three.  I joined Blogging 201 because I want this blog to be the most professional and effective it can be, while retaining my voice of course.

  1. I’d like to feel less alone in the blogosphere.  I mean there are millions of us here.  I would like to be involved in a network of supportive bloggers, not to be noticed, but to build a sense of community.  I have joined the Blogging for Mental Health project, but I blog about mental health and happiness anyway.  Maybe it will turn into a community, but a large one if so.  I tried to do NaNoBloMo but got sick – but I didn’t feel the sense of community anyway.  Thousands of blogs participating; it was overwhelming.  Stimulation overload.   Taylor Grace wrote yesterday about a Blog Blitz, hosted by DLHammons, which sounds interesting. People join this group and every week, everyone agrees to visit a particular blog on a certain day and make comments.  Poor blogger gets to answer all 100 of them, lol, but it must feel really good anyway (always a good thing) and supportive blogging relationships can come out of it, I am sure.
    But as I was thinking about what I want, I got an image in mind of a sewing circle….people gather to do something they love and they chat while they’re doing it. So, I am thinking, maybe something like a Blogging Circle.  Maximum 20 members.  Once a week we could meet on a rotating member’s blog and chat in the comments about how our blogging and/or personal week went. Hmmmmm. I have been wanting to develop a weekly special post, but this would be better.  What do you think?
  2. I’d like to get clearer about my dual blog focus – mental health and spirituality. My thoughts about it are constantly in flux.  Just today I realized that although I write about depression, what I’m really after is people being happier.  So maybe the category should be “happiness” instead of “depression?”  Would depressed people even click it?  I may never have when I was depressed. 
    Healing body/mind/spirit…Do they mix well? Is my voice different I wonder when I write about one or the other? Should I separate them? I had started a second blog “Imagine Yourself Happy” (IYH) for the mental health posts, but I seem to have settled for posting everything in my main blog. I haven’t posted there for some time.  Is this wise? Should I pursue IYH as a separate project? It will be the title of my book if I ever get to writing it.
  3.  I would like to build a bigger following (and what blogger does not?) Why? I think I have accumulated some hard-earned wisdom to share with people that could help them in their lives. As readership grows  I hope I will find out more clearly what strikes people’s hearts and what people really find helpful. Maybe I will also be challenged to grow in an area.

So that’s 3.  Here goes…

5 thoughts on “Blogging 201 Musings On Goals

  1. I like it. I think setting goals is a great way to start heading towards them. And yours are attainable and precise. On the other hand, you’re not alone in the blog. We’re all here. Certainly I am and if I ever miss a post and you feel alone, give me a shout letting me know and I promise I’ll answer! 🙂

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    • I don’t know what I did to deserve such support from such a busy person but you are unfailingly supportive since you started following me and it makes me feel warm inside. Thanks so much. hugs, gerry


    • Happy to hear it, Wanda. We can start with just two, don’t you think? How shall we proceed? We can chat here in these comments, and then next week chat on yours, and feel our way through, yes?

      What would YOU like to talk about?? On my end, after freelancing for most of 2014, I have returned to just blogging and keeping up a number of motivational facebook pages – can you believe writing became a chore instead of a love? Feeling much better now. I hope to write a book about overcoming deep depression but haven’t been able to actually start. I got scared-what of no one read it and it was a huge waste of time? As I have thought about it, and the times I started on it, I realized that it’ll be worth it even for the insights I will gain myself and an outline is emerging in my head. It’s OK, the book I would write today is different than the book I’d have written a year or two ago.
      At 73 I don’t have the energy I had years ago, so I have to figure out a writing schedule I think that’s only for that.
      hugs, gerry

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      • I would love to do this with you, and thank you for including me!

        I like your idea of writing a book about your experiences with depression, and I can certainly understand your fears. I myself struggle with some situational depression and it’s been difficult for me because I’ve always been more of an extroverted person. I now find myself becoming more of an introvert, and I don’t like it. That’s how my blog came about. I needed a creative outlet. My mother has also struggled with major depression for most of her life, and it’s difficult to find effective ways of supporting her when it gets bad. I’ve written about it, just for myself, as a form of self-therapy. But I’m always interested in hearing and learning from the insights of others on this topic. 🙂


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