Caring With TACT Involves Boundaries

SNV Day 4 is about CARING –

Dr.Seuss_Flickr_suzymushu_reuse_SNV_4_CaringIf we’re interested in peace and happiness for ourselves and for the world, CARING hardly needs mention – but I like Dr. Seuss’ warning about TACT – boundaries – theirs and ours.

True caring involves knowing/respecting what would say “caring” to the other person.

We often walk/talk past each other, not understanding the “language’ in which the other person understands caring.

Vacuum the floor? YES! I “get” your caring. Be “happy over the top” when you see me? The same. But I also “get” caring when you leave me alone for long uninterrupted periods to write and contemplate. Not everyone would think of that or understand it.    hugs, gerry


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