Healing Yourself and Others

Today’s Season for Nonviolence peace principles/practices focus is HEALING, bringing wellbeing to ourselves and to the world.

I am thinking about the powerful cosmic life energy in each of us that can be directed towards healing and peace – for ourselves, for our own relationships, and for the broken relationships, distrust, hatred even, in the world that is tearing so many lives apart.  electron_Hanh_OHM

Energy.  It’s all energy.  We’re all energy.  Our bodies, our relationships, our society, the planet – all one interconnected endlessly re-purposed  energy.  We don’t think about it, but we know from quantum physics that an electron changes direction simply by our observation of it.  Think about it.  WOW.  How powerful we are.  I picture electrons not as matter but as energy moving fast and slow at varying frequencies. Within us is an electromagnetic field of energy our body/mind/spirit emits.  Its frequency and direction is largely up to us.

Man_energy_EllenVaman_SNV_HEALINGExperiment With Very Simple Self-Healing

  • To experiment with healing yourself, simply sit quietly somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing.
  • Relax any areas of tension until you feel at peace.Direct your focus now to your heart, and imagine the oxygen exchange taking place between your heart and lungs.
  • Simply allow the electromagnetic Love energy from your open heart  to infuse the oxygen traveling to all your organs and processes and any areas of discomfort within your body – with the intention of manifesting Perfect Health.
  • Now you are directing your OWN cosmic healing energy towards your own body.

PS: I myself like to add two things.

  • First, I have learned that my heart opens more quickly and the love energy flows more abundantly if I include a gentle smile while I do this entire process.
  • Second, I put my palms together for a moment or two, then very gradually draw them apart.  As I feel energy flowing between them over some distance, I then like to place my hands on any areas of special concern on my body.  This is doing “hands-on-healing” on myself.

Good luck.  Don’t expect to heal a serious condition in a few minutes, but over a period of time of loving effort it can certainly be done.

Healing others and the planet –  The Institute of Heartmath has been measuring electromagnetic heart-energy exchanges between people for years – and they have found that positive, love-laden electromagnetic signals generated by the heart have the capacity to affect others around us. Their Global Coherence Initiative is studying whether human electromagnetic fields can be influenced over much greater distances with the goal of global coherence projects in which large numbers of people may join together to send heart energy to help shift global consciousness towards balance, co-operation and lasting peace.  May it be so – and may it heal the hearts of all the people burdened by hate and fear.

1000voicesOur own blogosphere can have a powerful impact as we join in consciousness – as for instance in the #1000 Voices For Compassion project. More than a thousand bloggers have committed to blog about compassion February 20 – and the rest of social media is buzzing about how to get in on the act.  Electromagnetic and viral  waves of compassionate energy around the world!!  Yippie!

You can use the same process to send healing Love ENERGY to anyone anywhere and to the planet – I simply let the love energy flow out from my activated hands and “send” it to the individual or country or to our collective consciousness, whatever, stating my intention for healing or peace or reconciliation…

I’d love to know how it goes if you try any of this for the first time, and if you’ve been at this for a while, I’d love to know what YOU do differently than I do when you heal yourself or others.

hugs, gerry



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