I Figured It Out! How To Upload A “Badge” And Put It In YOUR WP Image Widget

Wellness-Universe-Member-Badge-250x250OK, I have been trying to figure this out for months…well not full time…and I’m a slow learner…and I don’t speak html…

You have to understand I’m a (very youthful) old lady.  The word or phenomenon “blog” didn’t even exist until I was in my 6o’s.  And I have to figure stuff out one by one.  I don’t drive any more and i don’t have any co-workers to ask.  Yesterday I was trying to make my first Mailchimp campaign, made a mistake in uploading an image and LOST 4 hours of work.  It just disappeared and I could not access it.  Not a happy camper.  Hopefully it can be recovered.  Or else I’ll do it over…. sigh….  won’t take 4 hours.

But this morning I figured out how to load an image (in this case not one I made, rather the membership badge for The Wellness Universe, the new Facebook wellness resource directory and blog, but it could have been my own) into my WP media file and find the correct URL to put in the widget!!!   I’ve never had one to work where someone else didn’t send me the url before but today I was determined.

I thought I had to publish a post with just the image and link to that.  I was WRONG.

The secret is that you just have to enter NOT a page with the url as I had thought before.  Rather you iupload an image to your media library and save it, then click the little edit pencil ✎ on your image, there is a url attached under

Image Details




Right here is where to find the url you paste into the widget where it asks for the image url!!!

Paste it in, save, and the image will magically (finally) appear in your sidebar!

Eureka!  Hallelujah!  Happy Dance!  Celebration!!!

Thanks for visiting.and...What say you?

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