Motivational Mondays (February 23)

“This and That” I Would Tell You Over Brunch

This has been a busy week.

  1. I have faced my problem with CLUTTER. There’s a fair amount of SHAME around the clutter, my friends.  Ouch!  I have admitted my clutter has to be dealt with (Yes, a First Step – there IS a Clutterers Anonymous – who knew?), that it hampers my life and drains my energy – and I have started.  Yeah me!    A dear friend came over this weekend and has started helping me get rid of “stuff I don’t LOVE and don’t need that is draining my energy.”  There’s clutter in my home (especially my office) clutter on my computer desktop (do I really think I will read that “later?”), clutter in my closet, around my bedroom, by the side of my bed, everywhere I look – clutter.  Clutter in my head.  My friend told me I should write three pages every day – by hand – to get rid of that mind-clutter and I have 2 big bags so far for Big Brothers Big Sisters to pick up.  I’ve started writing. Let’s see how well I do with the rest.  A kind thought please?
  2. I developed a newsletter… although it goes  TO no one yet because I don’t have (oh no!) an email list.  I am told that as a budding AUTHOR (I SO want to embrace that) I will need one.  So I have been trying to get a handle on MailChimp.  I designed and wrote the NL and then I discovered that I don’t know how to add a MailChimp signup to my page here  – or how to deliver my lovely newsletter to anyone (but a solution will manifest, I know it!)  It’s on my (cluttered) “to do list” – please let this not be one of those half-finished projects!!!!  (Meanwhile, if YOU want to receive the newsletter, for now please private-message me on my Open Hearted Musings FB page)
  3. A “My Happiness Toolbox” has become a real project – to turn into at the very least a pamphlet for my newsletter subscribers, maybe my first e-book!  Well, I wrote one before, but I was ghostwriting so I can’t claim it.

Now I am keeping my promise to feature some things I’ve read that inspire me each week – hoping something may inspire you too.  Last week I gave you a lot of Facebook posts, because my daily trek over there to give and receive inspiration starts every day out right.  it’s a spiritual discipline.  This week I am featuring more wonderful blog posts.  But first:

Three of MY Facebook Posts I Liked This Week  (shameless self-promotion)

I provide content for 3 FB pages and I love combining lovely photos with inspiring words.  Each one for me is meditation on the meaning of the  quote. Here are three of mine from this week.  If you click  the photo, it should take you to the page for more if you’re interested.  Just click “photos.”

wavesColor_Simply Beautiful_OHM_Forgivenesscaterpilllarladybugpond_WildLifewithAmazingNature.SNV22_MISSIONstreambridge_QuietNature_OHM_TheSelf

SOME Blog Posts I have Loved this Week:

POSITIVE PARENTING – 10 Best Practices for Encouraging Positive Behavior  –  Great article!!!  Wish I had had this years ago when my kids were growing up!!!  Sandi Schwartz  is sharing some wonderful principles and examples of “a method of understanding and responding to children that encourages their best to emerge while transforming unwanted behavior into cooperation and empathy for others.”  is an internationally recognized educator, author, inspirational speaker and parent coach. She is an internationally recognized educator, author, inspirational speaker and parent coach.

KINDNESS BLOG   The Kindness Blog almost always has posts I love.   I hop over there once or twice a week just to lift my spirits.  Can you imagine the pain of losing a newborn baby? This week I was so uplifted by this post there about an organization asking professional level photographers to train and then to photograph newborns who will die with their parents – as an awesome gift of compassion and love.  A grieving mother founded the organization and the photos mean so much to the families.  There are beautiful photos in the post.  Brink a hankie if you visit.

ENERGY WELLNESS – Ever thought about your deposits into and withdrawals from your  inner Energy “bank account?”  Just like your energy level for activity, you make deposits and draw from you inner energy for dealing with life.  What is your current balance?  What wonderful concept!  Hadn’t thought of inner energy this way before.  This is excellent self-care!  In this post by psychologist Anna Clark we learn how to keep our inner energy levels high with enough left over to handle even major stress like a champ!  And The Wellness Universe itself is a wonderful NEW resource to peruse. You’ll find listings of many published and unpublished authors of  words that keep you well in every area of your life.   You might want to take a look around, and click on a wellness keyword to find content that would help YOU, and see what resources you can find.  Leave the author a note, they will appreciate it greatly. (full disclosure – I am a proud MEMBER myself – if you have a FB fanpage devoted to inspiration, motivation or wellness, you can apply to be also.  Application link is on the website.)

BEAUTY  Beauty inspires me every day, doesn’t it you?  Admiring something beautiful puts a deposit into my inner energy account.  Sheila writes a beautiful post highlighting the stunning photographic work of Vivian Maier, a live-in nanny whose amazing work wasn’t “discovered” until much later.  She includes a link to Vivian’s images, and I thought they were breathtaking.  There is this year an Oscar-nominated  documentary about Vivian and her work.

PHOTO CHALLENGE – Someday I will be a better photographer.  It’s on my (cluttered) to-do list.  I started to take Photo 101, but my time was too cluttered.  For now, I just use other people’s beautiful work for my inspirational FB posts.   My WP friend karuna has a photography series so please click her category: photography.  She does really lovely work, I always enjoy a moment of beauty when I see these posts pop up in my READER – then she includes a mention of the photography principle involved in the photo, so I learn something each time. A double win! Beauty and tips on becoming a better photographer!   Jaruna also recently returned from her annual 6 week trek to India to Amma’s ashram, and her descriptions of her time there make fascinating reading.

That’s it for this morning.  Be good to yourself, and have a really wonderful week, everybody!

hugs, gerry

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