Reblog: The Elephant in the Room: Your Questions About My Gender and Transition, Answered

I just found this great post and thought you may be interested if you read my attempt the other day as a trans-ally to open this topic for discussion and call for compassion and education after I read that Chelsea Manning was going to receive her requested hormone therapy. She did have to SUE to get it, and there are people who are upset about that. Many thanks to LQTU for his honesty and openness on being “genbder-queer.” Confused? Read his post. hugs, gerry

Let's Queer Things Up!

cheeeeeesePhotography by dana at the outlaws photo project

[The photo features the author, Sam Dylan Finch, standing near a lake. He is a white, androgynous person with dark-rimmed glasses and a colorful, knitted sweater. He is smiling and looking off toward something in the distance.]

I write a lot about my identity as transgender. And thus far, it has created some thoughtful, interesting dialogue around gender and transitioning.

However, there was never much of a “coming out” to my readers. To this day, I receive a lot of questions about how I identify, what it means, and how I arrived where I am now. These are great questions! And leaving them unanswered has, at times, felt like an elephant in the room.

So today I wanted to pause and take a moment to answer some frequently asked questions about my gender and my transition. Hopefully this helps readers…

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