LISTENING (a re-blog)

Aligning With Truth


 When you are having a conversation with someone, how much listening do you really do?  How much of the time do you spend thinking about what to say next?  Are you preoccupied doing something else as they’re talking while saying, “Go ahead.  Don’t mind what I’m doing.  I’m listening.”  Are you listening only to the words that the person is saying, or are you also able to listen to what they are NOT saying?  How about the FEELINGS behind those words?  Are you able to detect what those feelings are and empathize with them?  When you are FULLY PRESENT in the conversation and genuinely interested in what the other is saying, you are practicing nonviolence. In “Nonviolent Communication“, Marshall Rosenberg emphasizes listening with compassion.  The listener attends fully to the speaker’s words, while sensing the feelings and needs beneath the words. The listener is simply fully present, not trying…

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