Motivational Mondays – March 2

Why Motivational Mondays?

I want to share more than I can write posts. Some people write brief posts all day, like Juan at Even This Too Will Pass, and I do appreciate the value of brief but often. For me it is that as my mission/purpose for my work gets clearer, I want to stay focused, but still, there is so MUCH GOOD out there, I have to share. I’m busy all day reading and sharing, but not just on WP – and I will try to share just some of what has  struck me this week as TRUTH, if you will.

I was very honored to have one of my own posts, Forgiveness, Only You Can Set You Free,  featured at TheWellness Universe, a resource for wellness of every kind from spiritual to occupational to environmental.  Head on over there and if you are a motivational or wellness writer, you too can apply to be part of this amazing team!  #WUVIP.

Newsletter (mine – my FIRST!)

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 8.37.53 PMMuch if my time this week has been spent coming to understand the TECH ins and outs of publishing a monthly newsletter.  My FIRST!  I designed and wrote one, consulted with many people to figure out how to get a signup link  (click on it) onto FB and WP, and finally succeeded.   I’d love it if you signed up and invited your friends.  I have nothing to sell but my ideas.  But I will feature one tool each month from my upcoming (free) My Happiness Toolbox.  In February, it was a blog post and a FB post on GRATITUDE.  The widget in my right sidebar that looks like this will also take you to the signup sheet.

Blogs or Articles

How to Bring the Black Dog of Depression To Heel   The World Health Organization, WHO, has brought us an animated story of what depression feels like and does.  I loved this little video, not just because it’s true, but also because here is SOMETHING TO SHARE WiTH OTHERS if the Black Dog is trying to take over your life.  It relieves the stigma, but doesn’t leave you stuck, has some common sense suggestions for recovery.  Highly recommended.

Buddhist photo-journalist overcomes Ebola –  This is a tremendously moving and very honest story about a journey of open-hearted compassion, Ebola, fear of death, meditative practice, and finally recovery.  He does not claim that his practice caused his recovery, just how much it helped him to cope with the trauma and how it focused him on healing.  The Lion’s Roar, BTW, is a wonderful new discovery full of meaningful and useful content.

Eric, at From Struggle to Strength tells the story of Discovering spirituality (not religion).    Eric is a recovering addict in the 12-step program Narcotics Anonymous who shares his experience, strength and hope in a very powerful blog.  This particular post is brief, but I can so relate to leaving religion behind. I remember clearly thinking that because I couldn’t accept the stories they told, that God either didn’t love me (faith was a gift of grace they said) or didn’t exist.  I have to tell you that after 20 years of thinking I was an atheist, a 12 step program (Al-Anon, for people addicted to try to fix someone ELSE’s drinking.drugging) also brought me to a new understanding and a deep mysticism (the experience of the Presence of God).

Finally, a post on forgiveness, offering 30 (THIRTY) tips forLetting go of anger when it’s HARD.   Since it’s almost always hard, I thought you might also get something from this post.

From My Own Facebook Posts (Clicking on them will take you to my Facebook pages, and there you will find plenty of great posts from other people too.)

SunsetWaterreflection_SNP_OHM_DETACHMENT This one is from my Open Hearted Musings page.  It had the honor of reaching a MILEPOST this week – 500 “likes” as a page and growing.  I am very happy.  Many more people find me on FB than here on WP, but am trying to tie it all together.

giraffes_pixabay_SNV_LISTENINGThis one is from my Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence page – celebrating practices that will bring us global peace and justice (not to mention personal happiness).  Nonviolent, peace-building communication is marked by compassionate listening.
Have a wonderful week!  hugs, gerry

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