Motivational Mondays – March 9 – Making Change Happen

Most people who know me know that the “Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence” are an important part of my life. I am a lifelong advocate for peace and justice, though my avenues of expression have changed since I was a young woman sitting down, locking arms and facing down police on horses  to now in my seventies disseminating messages of love and compassion and personal growth and empowerment through my blogs and Facebook pages.

Speaking of compassion, #1000Speak  says, “KEEP USING YOUR VOICES FOR GOOD!”        This month, she writes, we are coming together on March 20th to stand up and speak up about    “Building After Bullying.”  The focus is still compassion, including for the bully, who also has a story. If you choose to join the effort on the 20th, publish on your blog and then come back to her site on the 20th and link up on the link the co-hosts of 1000 speak will be hosting. It will be in her post on the 20th. You must publish first to get the url to link up.  Also: is a site for people to post a bog for #1000 speak but don’t have their own blog.  and  is a closed FB group for awesome content that inspires.

 I have been moved by the strength and courage shown in several recovery blogs this week.  I am not an addict, but there is plenty of addiction in my family and it has touched me deeply.  It seems I was just addicted to trying to fix my then-husband, my son, even my mother until Al-Anon showed me a way out of my own desperation and despair.  How could my life be different, I wondered, of THEY didn’t change?  So after 15 years in that 12 step program, I can tell you that as powerful as the stories below are from the point of view of people who found LIFE again after struggling with addictions, that I also found LIFE again not being caught in the trap of trying to change anyone but myself.  If you want to hear from people who have seen hell and come back, do read Eric and Ashley’s stories.

Eric shares his journey from addiction to recovery with courageous honesty because he wants other people to know that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE, even after years of struggle..  In  this post called Freedom From Active Addiction he shares how relapses brought him to a state of hopelessness and despair – even wanting to end his life because he thought he could not stop – and he was STILL finally able to turn his life around.

In the blog “Parents in Recovery” read Ashley’s story of  addiction and her family.  There is NO possibility that a family escapes the influence of alcoholism or other addiction in their lives.  Ashley tells about losing her daughter and still  not being able to stop.

Selma. How could I let this week pass without mentioning the major event of the year (as far as my own historical perspective goes)  the 50 year anniversary Selma march?  After all, I was out of college and working when it occurred.  As I mentioned above, I have always been active in the fight for peace and justice, and I live in a biracial family.  My sweetie grew up in a segregated school and his great grandfather was a slave.  My stepson is in his early twenties and I see his face whenever I read about another police shooting. Trent has just a brief post with a photo that rocks my world.     Here is a brief history lesson.  With all the racial unrest and bigotry that still exists, the change is real.  We must fight to keep it that way, because we have been backsliding in recent years.  Somehow hate has become once again socially acceptable – but not to me, and thank God, not to a university president.

My own Facebook contributions to peace and nonviolence.  I’m inviting you over for a peek.

MarianneWilliamson_SNV39_DIALOGUE babyshouldercolorful_ArtofLife_SNV34_LOVETo spread a message of peace and love, this year I celebrate 64 days of peace and happiness practices by daily creating a poster on mySeasons for Peace and Nonviolence Facebook page.  The 64 days span the death anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   Here are two I created this week.  I am having such FUN playing with images and color and words.





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  1. Thank you for your kind words, encouragement and support. I appreciate you tagging my blog post and sharing it with your readers. I can only hope that my blog reaches the masses and lets anyone who is struggling with addiction know that Recovery is possible. It can be achieved and that they too can do it if they choose to.

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