7 Cups of Tea – Great Resource for Anyone Who NEEDS to TALK Anonymously

Screen Shot 7 Cups of Tea 2015-03-21 at 10.49.45 AMThis morning over at my Imagine Yourself Happy FB page (support for mood disorders and chronic pain) I encountered a post promoting this amazing site 7 Cups of Tea and I didn’t want to bury it in a Motivational Monday post. I want you to find it if you need it.

Sometimes most of us could enjoy someone to talk with about the stresses of our lives, and this FREE resource is available.

Even when you blog about your life as a way of dealing with some personal issues, the person you hope will comment never sees your post.  But what if you could add a conversation with a trained listener for those days when you really need to vent, but don ‘t want to open up that much to anyone you know?  Would you find that helpful?  Then you could blog with a clearer mind, yes?

I know someone will see this post at the exact perfect time.

Personal update : I  have been having some challenges with Fibro pain and eye muscle surgery that have kept me offline, but should have more energy soon.  I felt badly about missing even a Motivational Monday, but it wasn’t to be helped – I. could. not. move.   My back refused to support me.   So, am chilling (actually warming un the Arizona sunshine) and gradually putting in a little time here and there.  Hope life is good for you today.  hugs, gerry

#WUVIP #7CupsofTea





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