Motivational Monday – A Check-in

Hi everyone, having some health challenges that keep me off line.I have a post started on bullying for #1000speak but I can’t concentrate right now, so it’ll have to wait a little longer.   My back went out a week ago and is still in spasm and I haven’t been on line to share any of the great work other people are doing either.  The best I can do is to share a few of the  FB posters I made this week.  My brain is mush when I am in pain.  I think everyone’s probably is.

ants_teamwork_discoverourworld_SNV44-COOPERATIONThis one got featured at The Wellness Universe.

Making these posters is art therapy for me, lol- and I made a commitment that no matter how I felt, I would make a FB poster each day of the 64 days of the Season for Nonviolence (January 30-April 4, the respective death anniversaries of Gandhi and King)  and post it on my SNV Facebook page.     .So far I have succeeded in at lest doing that.  And was pleased to have this one on the left featured on The Wellness Universe, a directory of Facebook resources for Wellness  of all kinds.   

SMILES_AmazingPhotosintheWorld_OHMThis one is of my favorite meditation and is a great reminder to me right now when my body hurts.

I have seen this photo of the man and the camel various places, but the Facebook page “The Desert Life” is the original author.  I love all their images of life in the REAL desert.   It is doubtful I will ever see Morocco in my lifetime other than the magic of their photos., so it’s a form of travel.


 Dr_Seuss_Lorax_wikimedia_Flickr - Rusty Clark_SNV51_ADVOVCACYaiThis one reminds me how important it is to care about what’s happening around me.

On days like this when my body is in rebellion, I need reminders that there is still something important left to do – will be long past my time, but that if no one cares, well, no one will care..



I hope you all had a great week, I’d love to hear from you.  Please send prayers, good vibes and Reiki if you are so inclined for me being pain-free and both eyes functioning as they should so I can  get back to work. (I also had eye muscle surgery this week).  Thanks, hugs, gerry


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