a re-blog: Reveal Your Authenticity by Heather Corinne Lang

people-304353_640_PIXABAYI am particularly drawn to a part of her post regarding the “Soul Tribe.”  (link goes to full post, published below.)

She speaks of the different frequencies we vibrate at, at different times of our lives, and that at any given time we draw to us people who are vibrating at similar frequencies as our own.  As those of you who have followed my travels know, I have found myself longing for someone on the other end of the publish button…not as an ego thing, but as a connection.  As I read her piece, I was deeply moved to understand I had been hungering for a new “Soul Tribe.”

“We may recognize them as “Soul Sisters/Brothers”, “Soul Fathers/Mothers” or “Soul Mates”, and in each lifetime they have been a part of us, with us, or around us in some fashion. These are the people we simply click with the moment we see them. We feel we already know them in some fashion.”

And I share the post from  the Wellness Universe website rather than her own, because they featured her today as they could you, and because there I have found some of what I am looking for…an amazing group of people who publish original content regarding wellness of every kind on Facebook, who have committed to support each other and amplify our unique messages.  My new “soul tribe” that isn’t a church or belief system, it’s just souls growing into health, peace and joy, each in his or her own way. Now we don’t all vibrate at the same frequency, to use Heather’s words, and we walk many different paths, but we agree to be colleagues in a collective effort to lift the consciousness of humanity.  Not a bad goal.

I know I have readers who would enjoy being part of this community. More info and an application form is here.  I have learned so much already from these loving, energetic souls who ask nothing from us and give so much… and yes, community is a tool in the Happiness Toolbox.

Here is her full post.  enjoy:  Reveal Your Authenticity


Each of us are on different paths, yet some of us have similar paths. Discovering your inner truth and beliefs and allowing them to radiate outwards, creates an energetic vortex, where others who have a similar energy will be attracted to you. This is our frequency, and as we raise it through positive words, thoughts and actions, it will attract those who are vibrating and feeling that energy. As we move through our lives, and continue to vibrate higher and higher, and as we reveal and use our unique gifts, personalities, truths, and more, we will recognize more and more of our soul tribe.

The Soul Tribe

This soul tribe is part of those who we continually work with in some fashion, whether on this plane or another. We may recognize them as “Soul Sisters/Brothers”, “Soul Fathers/Mothers” or “Soul Mates”, and in each lifetime they have been a part of us, with us, or around us in some fashion. These are the people we simply click with the moment we see them. We feel we already know them in some fashion. Some have agreed to work with you when you are vibrating in a lower frequency before you begin to discover your true self, whereas many who are with you before you discover your true self are not part of your soul tribe. Those who are not part of your soul tribe you will find you may lose touch with them, do not wish to be around them anymore, or any other way they leave your life.  Those who were part of your soul tribe and agreed to help you in your times of learning and growth may circle back around to you, or they may not, however, once you have learned the lesson, you will look fondly on the time they were around.  Others who helped in your path, but were not memorable, were not a part of the soul tribe, but more divine intervention to reinforce a lesson you needed to learn.

Deep Connections

This cycle continues through-out your life until you reach a point where you are vibrating at such a high point, and others of your soul tribe are also vibrating at the same level, connect with you. Your frequency has allowed your authenticity to be revealed and the energy signals you send out, attract those with the similar band or vibration of energy. Of course, you may find before you have raised your frequency to much higher levels, there is one person who found you and is your mentor, guide, friend or lover and they stay with you, continually supporting you, guiding you and offering wisdom. On the other hand, you may not have this person around you until much later in life. Yet, have the faith that when you truly discover, transform, ascend and reveal your authenticity, those who you are meant to be with will find you. Just as you find them.

The Right People At The Perfect Times

I have found in my life this cycle presents itself over and over. Each time I have changed and grown, another person enters my life who has a similar lesson to learn, or has been in a similar situation to help me.  In turn, the opposite is true, where I have become the one to help another as I’ve been in the situation they are currently experiencing. Many help groups are a wonderful example of these types of instances, where people working through a challenging situation find a group for support and guidance. During my former marriage, I found many helpful souls in Al-Anon, some radiating at my vibrations and others not, however, they were there in a time in my life where I needed to learn certain lessons as did they, and we helped and supported each other.  I remember the groups, yet I don’t necessarily remember the faces.  This was divine intervention, and no one of my soul tribe happened to be there, yet as I’ve lived, I’ve found others to help in similar situations, some of which I still call friends today, and even Soul Sisters.  When I fully accepted who I am, what my gifts are and how I am to use them, I found even more of my soul family.  Some provided challenging lessons, and some I still work with and as we continue to help each other rise in vibrations and frequency, continuing our transformations and ascension while supporting and guiding each other.

May you find your soul tribe and continue to ascend!

Heather Corinne Lang is a Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Guide, Tarot Reader and Ordained Minister.  She offers private, group & corporate yoga, Reiki Energy, Life Coaching and Tarot Readings. With past lives as different types of Shamans, Healers and Medicine Workers, Heather brings knowledge and wisdom from this life time and past lifetimes to help guide you in your healing and transformational efforts.
http://www.namasterays.com  and https://www.facebook.com/NamasteRaysNews.Sunshine

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