My A to Z Blogging Challenge – Spirituality 1 and 2 – Acceptance and Beauty

A2Z-BADGE-0002015-LifeisGood-230_zps660c38a0My friend Nancy is signed up for this challenge and shared her theme today. I’ve seen mention of it before, so I decided to try the April blogging challenge.  I have been VERY BAD when it come to participating in these 30 day things – and I have a vacation this month, but I can schedule. Then I find – oh well, it’s too late to get on the list, but it’s OK.  I already picked up the badge, so I’ll put it HERE.  My goal is the discipline of writing not so much the the networking.

The reason I want to do this is because I have been so focused on my 3 Facebook pages lately and making so many new friends and learning so much through my new tribe or community (The Wellness Universe) that I have neglected my blogging.  Their support is amazing BTW – if you create Facebook content on any aspect of Wellness, from intellectual to environmental and everything in between, you really should apply to join.  The signup is in the right sidebar towards the bottom.  I have doubled my followers on every page and I am feeling very creative.

So I have some catching up to do here.   It’s already the 3rd of April – Day Three.  I am not committing to a long post every day, but to at least a paragraph.  Here are two.

BirdUmbrellarain_coolkidslovenature_SNV19_ACCEPTANCEThe first letter is A and the quality I choose is ACCEPTANCE.  This was a difficult life lesson for me to learn.  “God please grant me the serenity to ACCEPT the things I can not change.”  Not me, I fought tooth and nail to impose my will on everyone around me – not surprisingly, they resented it.   And when I suffered losses, rather than ACCEPTING my new reality, I nursed my hurts – every time I felt depressed (that’s a physiological thing for me) I would call up my hurts to explain my depression.  They didn’t explain it, and ruminating on them sure didn’t make it any better.  Even in recovery, it is still SO tempting to try to explain my feelings that way…instead of fatigue, diet, over-work, etc.  You know, something I could CHANGE.

Did you know that ACCEPTANCE precedes forgiveness? I found that forgiveness was difficult until I could ACCEPT that other people had challenges and experiences I knew nothing about (everybody does)… so that I could let go of my “shoulds” about them and ACCEPT and love (and forgive) them just as they were.  If part of what they were was abusive, ACCEPTING that meant I could set proper boundaries for my own comfort, but I could send loving blessings and didn’t have to judge.  THAT was vital to my recovery.  This file is from my Facebook page Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence.

autumnstream_BeautyofNature_OHMNext comes the letter B and I choose BEAUTY.  This is simple and such a big part of my daily reality.  Beauty, well, natural beauty, inspires me.  It calms me.  It centers me.  It makes me grateful and happy.  Natural Beauty puts me in touch with my place in the Universe.  I can get lost in it and I do.  I can FEEL the Presence of God.

I have a clear view of the beautiful Catalina mountains from my living room and kitchen, and all day I look out the window at them and smile.  Since fibromyalgia and arthritis (and poor vision so I can’t drive),  I don’t spend as much time actually in nature as I once did.

ACCEPTANCE of that means I  spend a part of every day on what I call a cyber-safari, looking for beauty in photographs from around the world online.  I feel amazed, because at 73, most of my life nothing like this was available, even in our dreams.  I was in my mid-fifties when AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” arrived.

I often can pair a photo I am drawn to with something I want to express, resulting in posters like the one on the left and the one above that reflect BEAUTY back to me.   Color draws the eye in, and I use the colors in the photo for whatever message I am communicating – and making them is very much a  daily meditation.  OR, maybe, just Art Therapy for old ladies who can’t draw a straight line but love BEAUTY, lol.  I truly get a lot pleasure from making them as beautiful as possible (I am more pleased with some than with others), and the “posters” give other people pleasure too – sometimes even an insight or inspiration – so I say they are part of my (current) calling – I’ve had so many in 73 years.  This “poster” is from my Facebook page Open Hearted Musings.

Now we come to the letter C and I choose COMMUNITY, which gets its own post tomorrow.  Sleep well, it’s my bedtime.


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