A to Z Blogging Challenge – Spirituality – Day 4 – DELIGHT

This post is sponsored by the letter D and the number 4!

“Every Object, Every being, is a jar full of delight.”  Rumi.

I have been busy coming up with a list of possible spiritual topics/practices/qualities for each letter of the alphabet for this challenge. When I came to D, I only had 3… Discernment, Discipline and Divinity… and I was stumped.  After all, while I would never deny their importance on the spiritual path, at the same time, they are so SOMBER.  So old-time-religion-y.  So NOT what spirituality is for me, experientially.

Pixabay Jars353541_640-OHM_DELIGHTWell, DELIGHT came to the rescue as I pondered – and that word puts a smile on my face.  That IS how it feels when I am taking care of my self, taking time for myself, fostering my  spirituality.

“What a joy it is” for a (most youthful) old lady who was so depressed for so long to spend most of her day in DELIGHT at Life, in the flow of creativity and beauty and too many ideas to remember them all – all moving through and as me as I Practice the Presence of a loving, powerful, brilliant Cosmic Consciousness expressing as me.

I can’t write things down fast enough.  I can’t make a picture beautiful enough to do the DELIGHT justice. Curiosity, gratitude, a deep appreciation for beauty and my fellow beings, a happy expectancy and a sure sense that the world is my oyster fuel the DELIGHT.

See, the hard work is already behind me.  I am a pearl already, with a soft inner glow, formed around a grain of sacred sand.  So, glow I do…  with delight!

When I was a girl, I had my nose in something to read all the time. I had to read the Encyclopedia Brittanica  and borrow books from the library to know anything about life outside our house.  And I did.  I can still remember how the volumes looked and smelled, how the pages were so thin and fragile.

But today, the Internet gives me options for travel and knowledge and exploration not even dreamed about when I was a young woman.  So I find insight and beauty in words, like the Rumi quote,  and I try to match it with beauty in color…it’s so much FUN!   AND the internet gives me hundreds of people to send each DELIGHTFUL love-letter-to-life out to every day.  Here on my blog, on my 3 Facebook pages.  So much more to share than there are hours in the day. Some people even comment back – what could be better than that for someone loving the world from her recliner (who can  no longer drive)??  And even when no one answers, which used to bother me, I have sent it out into the big wide universe and MY part is done.  The right people will see it at the right time.  And the Presence of Love has been here with me having as great a time as I am.

DELIGHT –  spirituality in one short word.

Namaste, I love you, gerry

PS  – come see some of my pretty pictures???

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