Motivational Mondays – April 6

An afternoon chat…

Believe it or not, although I haven’t been here enough to post regularly or to read most of your wonderful posts, I have actually been very MOTIVATED (after all, that is the topic yes?)  in the past month to get my message out.  I have also been dealing with a really painful back.  I just have been working on Facebook and learning Twitter and Pinterest – and am learning a lot through The Wellness Universe, an incredibly energized and supportive group who formed a directory of all things Wellness on Facebook and accepted my application. I was and am proud and pleased.  The listings are by keyword and there are hundreds, but I think my pages are in the major categories of Spiritual Wellness and Emotional Wellness.

SNV15Banner_REV_NEW_STEWe started this week a 3 month celebration of the Season for the Earth at the Seasons for Peace and Nonviolensunburstthrutalltrees_Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura_SftE_NESTce Tucson.  I had put it up largely for myself, since I have only online community to celebrate with any more.  That’s part of facing the realities of growing older.  But as it started ocean_premade_background_by_sweetbuttermilk-d381mg2STE_EMOTOgetting some love without my advertising it in any way, I have started getting excited about it.  On the left are my first two posts for the Season for the Earth.  I actually did make an original post like that each of the 64 days of the Gandhi/King Season for Nonviolence.

I was gerry-straatemeier-WU-71breally pleased to have a quote of mine featured, along with a brief commentary, on the aforementioned Wellness universe…which of course has brought traffic to all my sites.  I mention that traffic in the event YOU would like to apply to join us at The Wellness Universe.

BIG DEAL:  Earth Day is April 22nd.  On that day, there is a global movement to plant a tree – or at least a bush or a perennial – as a way to giving back to our Mother Earth.

I haven’t forgotten I’m a writer though, so I am taking the A to Z challenge even though I found out about it too late to get on the list.  No matter – my goal is to put out 30 brief posts on a subject matter I enjoy (spirituality) and get back in the (regular) blogging habit.  Just being brief may be a challenge for me, lol.

So that’s about it on MY motivation.  I have re-blogged some posts from other bloggers recently and hope you have enjoyed them.

I wish I had had the time to read all your posts so I could feature some this week  and I apologize that I can’t feature anyone.  It’s actually fun to do.

BUT – since I wish I had found your post and mentioned it today, I’d like us to have a posting-party:  WOULD YOU PLEASE SHARE a link to one of your posts IN THE COMMENTS BELOW????   I know, maybe it’s a copout, but for what it’s worth, there’s the offer.  Anyway, I will be tweeting this blog and do hope some of you take me up on my offer.

Hugs, gerry





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