A to Z Blogging Challenge – Spirituality – 5 – EXPECTANCY

This post is brought to you by the number 5 and the letter E.

crocusandbee_PrP._OHM_EXPECTA positive EXPECTANCY is a sense of optimism.  It brings to mind Christmas morning, when you wake up excited to see what your gifts will be today, knowing for sure there will be some.  It is a positive curiosity, an openness to experience and receive, and it is a cornerstone of the Law of Attraction.

EXPECTANCY is NOT expectation, which has defined an outcome – usually something someone ELSE will do –  that you will be crushed not to see manifest.  Expectations are not your friend.  but with EXPECTANCY, well, you can go to the moon with that!

The Universe works in mysterious ways, but once you understand the drill, you can expect to work wonders and enjoy an abundant, happy life.  Why not?  Abundance and Joy are spiritual qualities that are already inside of us all, just waiting to be expressed.  Jesus the Christ tried to tell us about this in the parable of the talents.  The person who created the most value with his talents and gifts got the biggest reward, whereas the person who hid his talents away in fear that he would be punished if they were lost, he –  he, well, lost even the talent he had.   Now I understand that a talent was a coin, but let us just think of it as a gift, held for the Master. We are here to use and develop our talents, our gifts, to live large, to make a big splash – so as to put them to work to demonstrate the Love and Peace of God that is at our core.  The world needs us to do that.  It needs all the Light and Love we can muster.  We are miracle workers, one and all.  Again, to the wisdom of the Master Teacher, if you have faith like a tiny mustard seed, you can move mountains.  Faith – that you can count on the Universe to back your play…if that is what you EXPECT.

The Law of Attraction state that if you want to do or be or have something, and it doesn’t hurt anyone else but moves all of us forward even a nanometer,  what you have to do is to raise your vibrational level as though it were already yours.  THAT is what EXPECTANCY does.  It gives you energy to move forward with your plans, to take the first step when you aren’t sure where exactly you will wind up, and to EXPECT to be pleasantly surprised, wowed, awed by what you will make manifest.

YOU carry within you an awesome gift –  express it, develop it, let it be the answer to someone’s prayers…and you can live a joyful, peaceful, abundant life you never dreamed of.  It happened to me.  It can happen to you.

Namaste, I love you.


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