A to Z Blogging Challenge – Spirituality – 8 and 9 – HEART and INTUITION

This post is brought to you by the Letters H and I and the numbers 8 and 9.

H is for Heart – I mention heart when I speak about spirituality because it was the opening of  my heart that showed me where to look.

wavesRocks_BeautifulFreePictures_OHM_TEMPLELook deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Albert Einstein

Today I am a mystic – that is I revel in directly experiencing the Presence, the Loving Nearness of God in the Now moment.  But I was an atheist for many years.  Conventional Christianity didn’t fulfill me spiritually for lots of reasons. Although I have met Christians who follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and try to live as his disciple might, I found that most don’t.  Most follow instead a church – with its dogmas, litanies, rituals, judgments and taboos. And ignore the prime commandment – to Love. I was a sincere seeker in my late teens and early twenties but I just couldn’t believe what I was told at church.

Did I really have to believe in a literal special virgin birth to find God?  I think we are all virgin births for we are not our bodies.  At a time of deep darkness, however, twelve step programs (Al-Anon for me) introduced me – kicking and screaming (resisting mightily) – to spirituality.

First I was nudged to notice how my heart felt when I was out in the temple of nature.  My Al-Anon and AA friends and I spent a lot of time camping and holding meetings around the campfire …  where I allowed the possibility that there must be “something” bigger than me, because I could feel its presence.

To this day I have no trouble calling “God”  “a something” (or a  “cosmic something) since for me it is a something, an energy, that moves through my heart and expands it.  It is that wordless feeling of my heart expanding that helped me to experiment with asking for direction – and receiving it.   Do I call it love, do I call it bliss, do I call it inspiration, do I call it a GPS system, do I call it awareness, do I call it an inner radio station, do I call it my 911 system, by what words should I call it?  To me it matters not – those are all aspects of the experience of the Presence of God.  Mostly I experience it as a Love Consciousness flowing through me…HEART.  My open heart.  

The only real valuable thing is intuition. Albert Einstein

ocean_Pixabay_OHM_INTUITIONIntuition – the ability to understand or know something immediately, without conscious reasoning or analysis.

What do you call it when you “know” something without knowing why you know it? When you “have a feeling that” someone you love far away is in trouble? When you “know” something is going to happen before you have any evidence… we call it intuition. Everybody has it, some people just trust and develop it more than others.

For me, I experience intuition as an open faucet to information or guidance from the something I call God as shorthand, but could call “powerful unknown sources.” I believe that the Source of Life has so much more in store for us, as witness the evolution of everything up until today, and that one aspect of “God-Something” is a quantum field of possibility which is influenced by my thoughts and through which I can find solutions.

If the field is like an infinite ocean of good, my intuition is the faucet through which I draw that infinite good to myself.

These will catch me up if I publish NOW B4 midnight.


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