A Re-Blog – Getting To The Heart Of The Storm – by Jenny Tasker

Jenny’s inspiring story is about abuse and disease and suffering and a near death experience – and about forgiveness and self-love and Spirit and deep gratitude for the gifts of life…  thank you Jenny
Here are her powerful words.   Please go to the original to give her some love in your comments.  Reblogged from The Wellness Universe

Getting To The Heart Of The Storm – by Jenny Tasker

We are amazingly powerful beings that can endure, learn, and grow from the darkest and scariest of storms. 

This is my Storm… 

I was a lively, talkative 70s indigo child, who loved to make everyone smile and laugh. A psychic dreamer, often scaring my family with my accuracy, and ability to see and hear spirit.

 Cloudy Skies

I became an adult at 5 years old, thanks to a neighborhood teen.
I went on to endure many more years of abuse from a family member.
I looked within, I heard my inner voices that told me right from wrong, I wanted to understand, I wanted answers but I just didn’t know how to go about getting them.
Over the years as my ability to see and hear Spirit got stronger, I became more confused and angry.
I found Religion, I became obsessed, I wanted answers from this so called God, that would allow such things to happen to innocent children!

The Down Pour

 I was badly bullied, “Look at that wild looking, Red haired freckle faced weirdo”.
I started writing, poems mostly, many way beyond the wisdom of my birth years, but I really hated myself, and tried to take the easy way out.
 I attempted to rid the world of me, end the pain, feel pure love again.
Thankfully, this was not meant.

The Thunder & Lightning

At 16 I was diagnosed with very painful, Stage 4 Endometriosis, and was told I would never have any children. At 18, I met my Soul Mate and future husband, 17 miscarriages later, we went on to have two children, one of each, against all odds.
In 2009, at 39, I had my 27th surgery. This was finally my escape from so many years of terrible pain.
It was an extra long recovery, unusual for me, but I had the most amazing, and first pain free summer of my adult life.
In 2010, I was diagnosed with a mysterious illness, making my body have an allergic reaction to the world. By 2012, I was so sick I was unable to work anymore and was totally disabled.
I was home with my Family

 The Rainbow 

 In August 2014, I was rushed to the hospital, so sick that I was literally on my deathbed, it was then, that I was blessed with the most beautiful, lucid moment with Spirit, I have ever had, showing me how our souls are fueled by love, that love is the most powerful of our emotions, and can be disguised as abuse, hate and control, or embraced as safe, pure, and unconditional.

 Basking In The Sun

 So here I sit, on a beautiful Spring evening, several months after this life altering day, writing this in complete forgiveness and love for every single gift I have been given during my journey.
From the years of abuse, I was gifted forgiveness and the beautiful purity of self love.
From the years of pain, I was gifted tolerance, endurance, and perseverance.
Today, with a diagnosis of MCAD, an Incurable disease that wreaks havoc on your whole body, a condition that I have unknowingly passed on to my children, and I am overwhelmed with blessings.
I have been gifted my writing outlet, ‘Jenny’s Positive Posts’, my amazing Wellness Universe Family. The gift of awakening each morning to my beautiful husband and children everyday, to sit outside with nature and just be, and the opportunity to share and connect with beautiful souls like you.

Life is always going to be full of storms, this is our journey.

How we choose to maneuver through them so we can bask in the sun, is our destiny.
 May you always have your light to guide you, your love to warm you, and the brightest of blessings to reward you.
I am a 70’s Indigo Child and a very Spiritual person that has endured many struggles in life, and have overcome them with Faith & Respect of Myself. I am an Empath, and a Psychic dreamer who has learned to tone my skills to feel while I am awake. I live with a debilitating condition that restricts any kind of “normal” life, but it’s my journey and my Gift.During a recent near-death experience I have learned that, not only, are we only given the struggles we can handle, but when you Love Yourself unconditionally and always Live through your Heart, you are following your true path right into your destiny.

One thought on “A Re-Blog – Getting To The Heart Of The Storm – by Jenny Tasker

  1. Powerful Jenny. It was a gift learning of your story, especially having come to know you during these last few months of Wellness Universe connections. You are a brilliant nurturing soul and the world is blessed by your life, your lessons and your authentic sharing. You have been a beckon of Tweeting Sunshine and celebration…now I understand why. Many blessings lovely namesake…from one Jenny to another 🙂 💜

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