A-Z Blogging Challenge – Spirituality – netWORKING

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go with others.”  African proverb

What’s so spiritual about netWORKING? Well, I love the feeling of being part of a WAVE of inspiration and information intended to awaken people to their inner splendor and their VAST possibilities.  And it’s a ONENESS thing – we are all inter-connected and I really enjoy experiencing that inter-connectivity lilac_TAW_OHM_LOVEdirectly through networking.  Having co-workers after years of retirement is a joy.  #WUVIP

I think our job here on this planet has to do with showing up in each other’s lives as the Emanations of Spirit that we are, loving, uplifting, inspiring and supporting each other – and sharing our joy! And it’s something to do with amplifying each other’s spiritual energy throughout the network and making each of our messages stronger.  As I read and share, I am inspired, and so are other people.  Win-win-win all around.  Spiritual Practice.

I am a writer first, but I have not had a lot of time lately for writing in part because of back pain and in part because I have been meeting new people and  netWORKing through the Wellness Universe Directory – a directory of online resources that expand your well-being. I do have two posts half-written – one on Divine Light and one on Manifestation, but they are sitting in drafts.  I am skipping to the letter N as I discuss my netWORKing.

This may sound like a commercial, but I just can’t talk about my current life without mentioning something so big, so fulfilling and so time-consuming – and so potentially helpful to someone reading this. I am grateful that the  great folks at WU have been very supportive of me and my work and sometimes I have to pinch myself to find me in such company. People who have inspired me for a long time are my colleagues now and I can’tbrightwildflowers_Beautiful & Amazing Photo Collection_IYH_GRATITUDE stop smiling.  BTW, if you have any Facebook presence at all, you can join too – apply here.  (If you need help setting up a Facebook presence so you too can join, just tell me in the comments and I’m happy to help you.)

I need to spend more time writing – more time at WordPress.  To help motivate me, I see that many of my Wellness Universe colleagues also blog and some even blog HERE at WP.com.  So, I have collected a list of such WP bloggers here in my READER – If you appear on this list (see below), I invite you “follow” me and each other and to also form a WU list on your READER to stay in touch.  (READER is one of the best things about WP.com – it allows us to netWORK and support each other and build community.)  If you know of others, please ask them to put a link to their blog in the comments.

Joining the WU tribe means for me that…

  • I am inspired every day by the awesome work of people I respect and admire.  This means I stay “in the (Divine) flow” and I am growing personally and professionally.  I feel like I am back in school – and I have always LOVED school.
  • I can share insights and writing from these colleagues with you, my readers, because the Wellness Universe also shares blog posts from members on its BLOG – some of which I have re-blogged here for you.  This way you also get to benefit from some really great content on days I don’t have a post.
  • Just today I have been featured in their newsletter, which goes out to a huge list.  I have been interviewed over SsquirrelFlower_DiscoverYourWorld_STEkype.  I have had a quote published with commentary.  WOW!  Most of their work is on Facebook and Twitter so far though it will shift to something much BIGGER  very soon. I truly enjoy creating beautiful FB quote posters on my 3 pages…and I’m really very proud of them.  Examples of my posters are on the right. Each of my FB ages has at least doubled the # of fans, shares, likes, and even comments in the short amount of time that I have been listed at WU!!  My message is seen by way more people on FB than follow me here, although I will also have more readers here, I trust, especially if I get on the ball and work on the Happiness Toolbox.. Here are my pages.

Open Hearted Musings,

Imagine Yourself Happy and

Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence Tucson  (currently celebrating Season for the Earth).

So I  have figured out how I will support my colleagues who blog here and at the same time get back to spending more time here – by making this list.  I’ll benefit for sure and maybe others will too.

Here is a list of awesome bloggers you may want to visit.  The link on the left takes you to their Facebook page, on the right the link is to their blog.

Anna Clark http://thrivecoachingandseminars.wordpress.com

Anna Grace Taylor www.annataylormusicangel.wordpress.com

April Peerless https://apeerless.wordpress.com/

Ashley Brewer ParentsNRecovery.com

Barbara Pryor-Smith http://worldoneness.wordpress.com/

Barbi Murle-Gibbons http://inspirepositivesoulsensations.wordpress.com

Cheryl O’Connor https://cheoco.wordpress.com/

Colleen Sidun  https://megeany.wordpress.com/

Denna Taylor Scott www.creatingyourhappyseason.wordpress.com

Eileen Anglin http://whiterosepath.wordpress.com

Eileen Anglin https://angelempowerment.wordpress.com/

Ella Hicks http://www.rebelthriver.wordpress.com/

Heather Durling https://thephoenixgathering.wordpress.com/

Tomato Wellness http://tomatowellness.wordpress.com/

Jean Voice Dart http://montereybayholistic.wordpress.com/

Jenny Tasker https://positivepostsforyou.wordpress.com

Leslie L. Sommers http://innercalmreiki.wordpress.com/

Maureen Prowse https://mojolistic.wordpress.com/

Patricia Saxton http://saxtonstudio.wordpress.com

Susan Weiss Berry https://evolvedeating.wordpress.com

Tony T Robinson https://transformyourlife4ever.wordpress.com/

Valerie Ann Pizana valpizanajic.wordpress.com

The Wellness Universe Team Pages:

Website and Blog – http://thewellnessuniverse.com/

Facebook – facebook.com/WellnessUniverse

Twitter – twitter.com/TheWellnessUniv

Instagram – instagram.com/thewellnessuniv

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