Meditation – The Peace of God Within Me Strengthens and Sustains Me (A-Z:M)

I take several deep, cleansing breaths, as I smile gently, directing my attention to my heart chakra, the place within me where I experience Love and Peace.  I consciously release for now the joys and sorrows of the day, in order to fully experience my appointment with the Divine, right here and right now. And then I affirm and know that God is Peace.

sailboat_sunset-ocean_DOĞA Hayattır_OHM_PEACEOFGODGod IS the Powerful Peace that stills the waters, the Peace that calms the tempest, the Peace beyond human understanding. God IS the Peace and Order of the stars and galaxies, the Peace and Abundance of the living stream in the deep forest that becomes a mighty river, the Peace and Love of a newborn babe in my arms, the Peace and Power of the eternal wave of the ocean of life which breaks upon the shore and folds in upon itself to give life once again.

This Peace which IS God, this Peace at the very heart of the vast universe, this Peace is at the core of my own nature. Always this Perfect Peace has been in me, at the center of my being, ready to reveal its Perfection. It was not given by the world and the world cannot take it away. As I tap into its Power, my very physical heart seems to expand as the vibration of Peace expands from within me, and dances into this world of form.

I have heard it said, “The Kingdom of heaven is within,” and within this Kingdom is Peace. I am so grateful to truly know that This Peace at the center of my being has never been disturbed, never been afraid, never been aggrieved, never been guilty, never been angry, never been in need – it is sufficient unto itself, and it is the secret manna of my life.  It transcends any swirling eddies or roaring rapids or stagnant pools of my human life.  I gratefully accept and know that this Peace is my Refuge, my Fuel, my Power.

All things are possible to God, thus they are possible to me, a spark of the Divine – not by my will, not by my flailing about and trying to control outer circumstances, no, for nothing outside of me can ever disturb the Peace of God within me – but all things are possible through God within me, around me, over me, under me, flowing through me.  God is my Source, God is my Power.

God in me, as me, IS also Present to me, nearer than breath, closer than hands and feet. The outermost God and the innermost God are One God. Therefore, Right where I am, God is, and it makes no difference whether I am feeling healthy and happy or whether I feel sick, angry, terrified or even if my body should be dying.  Wherever, whenever I am, God is, and the Peace and Strength of God is my manna.

“Above the wind and higher than the whirlwind, enshrined in the heart of God there is a Voice within you which says, “Peace, be not afraid It is I.”  This “I” is YOU, this YOU is GOD WITHIN YOU.  This God within you IS Peace. Ernest Holmes, “Your Invisible Power.

I can ask God to help me find my Peace, as I would ask for help finding a lost set of keys.  God in me knows just where those keys are, and God in me also knows just how that deep inner Peace and satisfaction is to be found, and will guide me to know what I must release and what I must embrace.

I may communicate with the indwelling God in my gratitude and in my extremity, for The Divine Power and the Sacred Presence and Peace is always at hand. I am not  afraid. For even in the valley of the shadow of death, in the darkest days and wildest storms of my life, God within me can never leave me nor forsake me, strengthens me, comforts me, and leads me beside still and peaceful waters.

So, since Peace is what I want, I now consciously release everything in me that is unlike Peace, everything that is blocking my Peaceful Path.  As I relax into pure Peace consciousness, I release my fearful grip on that which does not serve my highest good. I stop rehearsing every story I ever told myself about why this or that has happened or the idea that it is even possible that the I in me was ever harmed, could ever be harmed.  I let go of every preconceived idea of what outside of me it takes for my “perfect happiness,” or any notion that my good comes from anything other that Peace and Love deep within me.  The Peace of God is my sustaining manna.

I am drawn to notice and release whatever things and ideas and habits of thought and behavior that are holding me back, and in their stead I accept Peace, joy, love, laughter, health, abundance, purpose.  This is my work, this noticing and releasing what does not serve me.  Peace within strengthens and sustains me in this work.

Unencumbered by the past, sure of the Source of my Good, I allow myself to flow as freely as water, to stream as effortlessly as a soft morning breeze, and I accept that all is already well and very well. As I release my confusion and questions and I let go of my fear of the unknown ahead,  I gratefully trust God within me to guide me all through my Life.

Giving thanks for all the blessings in my life, I bless all others as I have been blessed.  I bless our Mother Earth and all life that resides upon Her. May we each find Peace, and may Peace thus prevail upon the earth.

Namaste, I love you

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