Meditation: I’m Choosing Heaven Today

Let us move within and in deepest peace, KNOW there is only  ONE 

…. Perfect, Glorious, Abundant and Harmonious Life, in which we live and move and have our being – any seeming evidence of disharmony to the contrary notwithstanding.

Let us focus our attention on our breathing, letting it continue just as it has been, but with our full awareness on the air moving in and out of our nostrils. Be aware of your chest and belly rising and falling. You might put your hands both places if you are comfortable, so that part of your focus remains with your body breathing, throughout this meditation.

Imagine quiet waves lapping the shoreline of a protected little cove, in time to your breathing.

Feel the gentle breeze. Smell the alpenLAKE_Beauty Of Naturefragrance in the air. Hear the birds calling and the waves coming in.

And smile gently in appreciation for this beautiful day. You KNEW I would ask you to smile!

So smile, knowing that One all-giving Grace sources and grounds us, abundantly blesses us. Smile at the One Loving Presence, who guides us, comforts us, inspires us and embraces us. One eternal and creative Law evolves and unfolds our lives, as we believe.

This Life, this Grace, this Presence is our Life, our Grace, and yes, IT is our Presence right here and right now. This Life is the “I AM” within us, our core identity, our is-ness.

We are like our waves, all different and yet all the same, all of one aquatic substance and one aquatic energy, following one aquatic law of beingness. As waves, we are not just one WITH the water – without this water there would be no US.

So it is with the Energy, the Life, the Power, the Love, the Consciousness we call God. It is our very Essence. There can BE no separation other than in our imagination.

Let us just rest here a moment in our cove, breathing and smiling, listening to the waves and the birds, and take this in.

God/ Spirit/Cosmic Consciousness is our identity, our substance, our energy, our operating system.

Feel the energy that moves through you through your breath and your smile. You are made of God-stuff and propelled by God-energy, God- power.

The outermost God that keeps the stars in their place and the innermost most personal God are the same God and we are each an aspect of Its existence. Our consciousness is an aspect of the consciousness of God.

And not just when we are in church in Sunday. Now there’s something to smile about. And we are completely at choice as to how we use this consciousness!

Heaven or hell. It’s up to us.

When we remember we are One with God, One OF God, Heaven is right here within us. When we forget, when we believe in separation, well, not so much heaven.

Rickie Byars Beckwith has a song I adore, called “I’m Choosing Heaven Today.” “I’m choosing heaven today, I’m choosing heaven today…! In subsequent verses she uses different names for heaven – I’m choosing Love…I’m choosing Peace and so on. (no direct link to the music)

So here we are, enjoying the beauty and freshness of our cove, breathing and smiling, having ourselves a little slice of heaven. We rest in perfect trust in the Strength and the Order and the Love and the Peace and the Goodness of God. The Strength and the Order and the Love and the Peace and the Goodness within us – at our very core.

Right where we are, God always is.

It makes no difference whether we are sick in bed or in climbing a mountain, whether we are feeling abundantly blessed or grieving a huge loss, whether we are falling in love or fighting with the teens, whether we are newly born or even if we are dying. Wherever, whenever, however we are, God is. Because we are inseparable, a part of, a wave of, God.

When we remember that, we choose heaven, and we know that all is well and very well.

We have found heaven, right here in us, as us, through us, all around us and infinitely beyond us. Heaven is within us ALL THE TIME and we experience it to the degree that we choose.

Let us just rest in a few minutes of silence – in the Presence of Love and Peace within us. Choosing Heaven. Right here within us. Oh, and remember to SMILE.

Namaste, I Love you,



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