A- Reblog – You Really Can Go Home

Re-Blog. Nancy’s a Wellness Universe colleague.  Her story draws you in as she shares about learning to love life with joy – exactly as it comes along. Enjoy.

A Joyful Spirit

A few years ago, my partner and I (along with our dog Buster, of course!) set off on a journey to see family, several states away. As we drove through the desert, over the mountains, in the heat, and through snow and thunderstorms … we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, collecting rocks, visiting turquoise outlets, and taking photos.

Then, I began to feel ill. I think we made it about two-thirds of the way to our intended destination. I became so critically ill that we had to stop and quickly find a hotel. We were there for FIVE days.

I’m not a believer in running to the doctor for everything, so I chose not to go to one so far from home – and even now, I doubt that they could have done anything for me. In retrospect, it was one of those dark-night-of-the-soul moments that lasted for days. There were hours…

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