Using Mantras…I AM That I AM

I owe a debt of gratitude to my sweetie’s first wife, Sibyl.  When their kids were little she devised a little tune whose verse is “I Am Peace and Harmony” and whose chorus is I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM That I AM that I AM…. Now they sang the song to their kids and then as he and I were risingdandelion-Pixabay_OHM a different set, we sang it to them as well – every night at bedtime until they threatened to move out if we didn’t stop…well..not really, but as they became pre-teens the boys were really not going to stand for being sung to at bedtime.  Today they’re in their mid-twenties.

Now, I don’t know if a single syllable got through to the kids, although we like to think it’s implanted in there somewhere…I AM Peace and Harmony… I AM…what a wonderful affirmation of Truth.

But it got through to me.  My sweetie has sung it to me at times when I have been distraught or grieving a loss, and because we sang it to the boys so often, the words often come back to me when I need them.  Which I have lately, working through some grief and self-esteem issues.

Mantras are like that.  This one shifts my identity from the ego that has lost something to the one who is Whole, Complete and Perfect, a Ray of Divine Love and Light… Peace. Harmony.  (What we all needed the most during those later-in-life childrearing years.)  You should shift the wording to suit your need.  I AM Love and Love is me, I AM.  (when making a tough decision or when feeling judgmental and annoyed).  Now put a little tune behind it if that helps you to remember.  Or put an “Ohmmmm” after it to anchor it.

Change your thinking, change your life!  Right?

What you put after the words I AM is very important – it’s a declaration to the Universe of your intention – and the universe is happy to follow through to dandelion-Pixabay_OHM_Energizedbring you that.  My biggest recent challenge has to do with fatigue and with it comes droopy motivation. I kept telling myself I was “too tired,” etc. Well, talk about self-fulfilling prophecy!

Now, when I suggest people use mantras, they poo-poo it as a way of just telling yourself lies to feel better.  But think about it.  Which one is the lie?  What is the opposite of the self-defeating message you have been telling yourself?  Your mantra comes from that.

I know the energy of the entire Universe flows through me.  But I forget. So my current mantra is:   “I AM Energized. I AM”   

And yes, I picture the Energy of the Universe (Source Energy) Energizing me.

So if you catch yourself affirming and declaring something you don’t want to be (and we all do it)  try devising an affirmation as a mantra and singing it to yourself – or out loud of you are brave – and see if you can shift the energy. And if you’re in a bit of a slump but don’t know what you’re declaring that keeps you stuck,, you might want to isolate the self-defeating message so you can work to change it.

What’s your mantra?

Namaste, I love you.


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