A Re-Blog: “Realize, Realise, Or Real Eyes?” by Cheryl O’ Connor

My friend Cheryl O-Connor, an awesome Aussie  Holistic Counsellor, blogs here at WP and is a colleague at The Wellness Universe FB. This morning she had this piece published at The Wellness Universe blog about what we lose out on when judging people’s actions “right” and “wrong.”  Please take a trip over there to comment on the post and take a look around.  If you are a healer-writer you can apply here to join the Wellness Universe team.

Realize, Realise, Or Real Eyes? by Cheryl O’Connor

A poster I created which was recently shared widely on Facebook highlighted for me how our conditioning leads us to believe so adamantly in what is “right” and what is “wrong” and how we all make judgements based on what we have been taught is “right” or “wrong” without even asking a question.

In America realize is spelt with a z – in Australia and also England as far as I am aware, for Australian language is based on the English language, we spell it realise with an s.   No big deal at all really BUT the amount of folk who didn’t actually focus on the message of the poster and instead focussed on the fact that I’d spelt the word “wrong” was pretty amazing to me. It got me thinking how we all make judgement calls purely based on what we have been taught with ever so much in our lives.

We all go along in life thinking something is most definitely right purely because it is how we have been taught, until someone else comes along and shows us hey there is a different way to do this. For many we automatically jump to a conclusion of no, you are wrong, I am right because that is NOT how it is done, that is NOT truth, how I do it and how I have been taught to do it are “right”. It happens constantly within schools, work places, and politics and amongst various religions and causes such a ruckus sometimes that leads to arguments and angst or worse occurring.

My question then became is there ever truly a “right” way or a “wrong” way of thinking and doing in this life when all of us are unique and our perceptions are based purely on and due to our conditioning and experiences. How would humanity be I wonder if instead of focussing on what we perceive is “right” and “wrong” and constantly debating or arguing about that, we began to see with real eyes that there are a multitude of perceptions in existence which we all can learn something from if we do not automatically jump to judgments, accusations and the clear cut “right” and “wrong” that has been instilled in us since not long after birth?

What wondrous possibilities for humanity and this planet could exist if we all started real eyesing (seeing with awakened consciousness) an all-encompassing view rather than a tunnel visioned left, right, black, white, right, wrong view? Or the view of this is how it has always been done and that is the only way it can be done – whatever it may be. Much of the suffering in this world appears to me to come from this mentality of I am right, you are wrong – people believe in the rightness or wrongness of things so strongly – few rarely get to see the bigger picture that there truly is no right or wrong, just different ways of perceiving, all of which are as unique as each of us are, based entirely on conditioning and life experiences.

How much could we all actually learn from each other I wonder if we stopped judging and declaring – YOU ARE WRONG – long enough to say instead hey why are you doing it that way, whatever it may be, or why do you believe that, or what makes you think that way.

It appears that questioning is essential not only of ourselves but of others if we are to ever move beyond our limited perceptions of tunnel visioned “right” and “wrong” and see through realize and realise so we can start to see with real eyes.

Please remember to visit Cheryl O-Connor at The Wellness Universe to leave a comment and some love…and take a look around.

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