Season for the Earth Musings

I have been continuing to make posters for my Season for the Earth page on FB and haven’t shared any here for a while – so I thought I would pick four and see how you like them.

chameleon_AmazingWorldofNature_STEEvery part of Nature is of course a Holy gift to be loved and respected, a home to take care of, an interconnected whole to interact with – not a field of plunder for the greedy.

Since we have no predators but each other and the consequences of our foolishness, and since we thought we were the owners not the renters here, we humans have taken too much for ourselves and left too little for others.

The months of April-June are dedicated to celebrating the earth during the Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence, sponsored by AGNT. Click the link for more information about the Seasons.

If you click on any of the pictures they will take you to where they are posted on  my Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence Facebook page.  I hope some of you will share some of them if you are on Facebook.

swedishLakeSundet_Beautiful Photos_STE




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