SUPER Excited – Fabulous FREE Gift – Corey Poirier’s “THRIVING”

I am so excited to be able to share this FREE (really) offer with you when you sign up for our Open Hearted Musings newsletter below.
THRIVING book image.jpg Canadian Corey Poitier author, speaker, coach and brilliant success magnet has just come out with a book called THRIVING, about – well, you guessed it – how you can truly THRIVE in every area of your life and  how you can let the magnificence that wants to shine through YOU – SHINE THROUGH!

You will notice perhaps on the graphic that you can find me at 3 different Facebook sites, representing my 3 major topic areas – spirituality – happiness – honoring all of life.  Those are also the topics in the newsletters. This month’s newsletter is about how our connection to Mother Nature affects our Happiness.

From Corey’s website:
Canadian Professional Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur and Corporate Customer Service & Sales Training Specialist, Corey Poirier is publisher of Island Business News, author of four acclaimed books in the Conversations With series, creator of three audio programs and the host of a new radio show entitled “Conversations with Passions,” a variety show that features interviews with world-wide leaders such as David Suzuki and Jack Canfield.
“THRIVING is based on almost 3,000 interviews with successful people in many fields. Corey has pulled out 5 success principles you can count on to take YOUR life to the next level.  This book can change your life and you can BUY IT NEXT MONTH  (July 2015)

OR. you can download it for free today when you sign up for the Open Hearted Musings Newsletter…Click HERE:   

Yes, this generous man has gifted me with the opportunity to gift you with his book for FREE -THIS MONTH ONLY (June 2015) if you sign up for my newsletter.  
As a success coach,Corey is eager to support my success – and YOURS!

I do not have an auto-responder (yet), so each morning I will send the ebook link to those who have signed up the day before.

So, what are you waiting for?

Namaste, i love you,


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