Let Our broken Hearts Break Open The Hearts of America

L150618-charleston-nine-nbcnewset this time of broken hearts be a time when the collective hearts of America are broken OPEN to truly SEE, truly take in, the harvest of hate.  Despite all the racial injustices we have become aware of recently, that is NOT who we are as a people. Not most of us. We who love our neighbor FAR outnumber those who hate – but we have been asleep.

Let’s let #Charleston be our wake up call! This kind of smoldering, resentful hate – and this arrogant pride in the hating – and the violence  and sorrow it breeds  – is a festering infection in our collective consciousness – and it must be healed.

But how?  First, one of us at a time, i’m afraid

Let us be no-one’s judge. Let our broken hearts  notice all the ways that we water the seeds of hate or arrogance or envy within ourselves, how we water those seeds in our neighbor, and let us put a stop to all that. For we must BE the change we wish to bring about.  Where we fail,  well there, as Ram Dass says, lies our work. This is our life’s work anyway and it must be done.

Seeds of Love – Let us water instead the bountiful seeds of Brotherly Love and Nonviolence within us – the seeds of kindness, honesty, humility, acceptance, forgiveness, self-responsibility, compassion, understanding, communication, co-operation, negotiation, service, patience and such.

Now let the power of our broken hearts open other hearts, hearts afraid of losing something, to a more peaceful and enjoyable way to be.  Let us come together as a whole broken-hearted nation to sow and water those beautiful seeds of Brotherly Love wherever we go.

Let us dance those seeds – and sing those seeds – and pray those seeds – and march those seeds – and legislate those seeds.  Let us speak those seeds – and teach those seeds – and write those seeds –  and paint those seeds – and yes, let us FUND those seeds!

Let us notice and admire the beauty of those seeds flowering in each other as we express them and lift each other up as ambassadors of Brotherly Love.  Right now, let us stop and send our LOVE to Charleston and to everyone everywhere in need of its healing balm.

Harvest – Together, we are co-creating a harvest of lasting peace and prosperity – a harvest of friendship and neighborliness and happy celebrations.  It is what we are born to do.
Rev. Gerry Straatemeier, Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence Tucson

Photo credit, NBC News

Let us take a moment to just send Love wherever it is needed. hugs, gerry


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