Why Are You Here? A Self-Inventory To Help You Find New Meaning in Life

dawn_lake flowers_Color and Everything Else_IYHEver have a case of the “blahs?”  Life is pretty good but “something” keeps ringing your bell? Nothing’s wrong that you can put your finger on, but you find yourself wondering, “Is this all there is?”

Or have you you ever found yourself in the wrong job,  with the wrong colleagues, in the wrong part of the world, doing- badly – something you hate  just pay the bills??  Maybe it’s time for a re-assessment.

You could be suffering what we call “Divine Discontent.”  Perhaps your calling is calling you.

Maybe it’s not your your job at all you need to change, You just wonder if you are really going in the right direction. If you keep going this way, where will you end up?

We do all long for meaning. 

So if you are one of the millions who feel unfulfilled, bored, empty, lost when you get up in the morning, let me ask you, “Why are you here?  What IS there inside of you that is longing to be expressed?

Now the Universe isn’t stupid.  You have gifts to give the world based on your talents, personality and experiences that are uniquely yours. The Universe makes sure that giving your gifts is fun so you will be sure to give them, just like sex is fun so as a species we will make babies.  And not giving them leaves you feeling unfulfilled. For the same reason.

Let me suggest an honest talk with yourself about your life’s values so you can be sure of your direction or find your calling.

  1. Find a notebook and a pen/pencil (not a computer) and make a commitment to spend some hours over the next week or so to ask your soul, or your highest self, or your innermost self, or your future self – whatever works for you – questions like:
    • “What qualities in me do I like best?” (Always good to build from strength)
    • “When am I really happy?”(It’s a clue)
    • “How do I really feel about working with others?”
    • “What is there in me that’s longing to be expressed?” You may be surprised what comes out when you write on this one.
    • “What is my life’s message/purpose?’
    • “What do I want my life’s legacy to be?”
  2. Pick a question (or make one up) and then just write for 20 minutes, whatever comes into your head.   No one’s going to read it. Make sure of it.  You can notice what you’re writing but please don’t censor.  This is a time for soul honesty.
  3. At the end of 20 minutes – but not before – close the notebook, promising yourself there is always tomorrow.  This part’s important.
  4. Go about your day. Related ideas may come up for you through the day. It’s OK to keep a little list, but when you start to write each day, let it be just stream of consciousness.
  5. Continue writing 20 minutes each day until you feel you’ve said all there is to say.
  6. Review everything you have written and take notes on the most important things that stand out to you. What did you learn?  Does it matter?  Are you more clear about your life purpose? (Your definition will likely change over time.)

Once your self-assessment is done, now it is the time to think about the gifts and talents you have that someone else needs, and the kind of setting where you would be the happiest.  Let Google be your friend, listen for hints from the Universe, let your imagination run wild until you get that “AHA!” “I KNOW what I want to do.”   The details will work themselves out, whether it’s around your career or some other part of your life.

You are meant to SHINE like the stars – now, just allow that to happen!

May you find your passion and live your bliss!


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