Sharing from the Heart – Here’s What I’ve Been Up To While I’ve Been Gone

bird_ocean_SWP_STEfroglooking_inleaf_AnimlsWrldnNatur.IYH_revcandle_heart_Pixabay_SHS bird_flowerstalk_open_JustLovely_Chopra_story_IYH White-tailed_tropicbird_inFlight_wiki_IYH_FreeBrightButtefly_SWP._SHS_GandhiHEARTLIGHT_PICMKY_Lovelight_OHMorangesunclouds_Sweet and Amazing-OHMFreeVector-Free-Radiant-Background.OHMThese Facebook posters are my new love.  They are each a meditation on the quote or idea and they lift my thinking into the higher realms every day. I produce 3 or 4 each day and just picked some samples to share with you.

I confess, it’s addictive – and my message reaches many many more people..

I have also been building skills and relationships at The Wellness Universe, the new online platform to find resources for all kinds of healing.  They have been kind enough to feature some of my quotes and blogs and soon they will roll out a whole new community, where I will be one of their featured bloggers.  SO honored!  AND I have colleagues, some of whose work I have admired for years and am blown away by it.  If you follow me, you know that was my prayer – to not have to work alone any more.

Today they are featuring a post by me on Spiritual Masterminding.

Between all of the healers and Lightworkers involved, their reach is already 14 million people.  Just go to their website if you want to apply to join us.

I have three Facebook pages, for different slices of my spiritual practice.

Open Hearted Musings is for my spiritual reflections.  It was originally a private page where I was taking notes, essentially, on my spiritual process as I went along through a rocky time – but I found to my surprise that other people enjoy them too.  Musing on brilliant quotes from spiritual masters as I make the poster, and in commenting finding quotes of my own to share, is very heady stuff.

Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence Tucson” has been a ministry of mine for almost 20 years.  It is a global movement sponsored by AGNT, which draws groups together around the world to become involved in spiritually-based social activism.  It began with the Gandhi/King Season for Nonviolence, which is celebrated the first 3 months of the year and teaches and explores how the philosophy of nonviolence and the practices developed over the decades can bring enhanced peace and wellbeing to the individual heart, the family and workplace, the community and the world. After a few years, we expanded to celebrate now three additional seasons, supporting our vision for world peace and a world that works for everyone. We now also celebrate a season for the earth (April-June), a Season for Humane Service (July-September) and a Season for Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding (October-December).  Currently we are focused on service, and so am I. All the years up to now I could lead community groups and host huge events, but this year I am all on-line, so there’s passion and to spare to get the messages of peace out to the world.

Finally my new love, and the page that is growing the fastest, “Imagine Yourself Happy ™.”  That is the trademarked title of my upcoming book and the “Happiness Toolbox” articles I write here and in my newsletter (sign up) help me to take notes on what I really believe so that when you finally see the book, it will be completely authentic and from my experience.  It has been a long dream in recovery to be able to share my process to help other people who may be deeply depressed or have friends or relatives suffering this disease.  There are a lot more resources these days than when I was  in my darkest days in the 80’s, but I still hope that something I say will help a person to see a light through the darkness.

So, I have taken a break from writing, especially writing here and at my Open Hearted Musings self-hosted webpage, a foundation for later growth…but not a break from sharing my heart each day.  I would love it so much if you would visit me occasionally or follow me and share with others on one of my pages if something speaks to your heart.



frozentreesSweetandAmazing_anon1_SERVELRG_lines_hearts_Pixabay_OHMtreefrogopenbkgrnd_PrP_SHSdawn_lake flowers_Color and Everything Else_IYHSHS GandhiOcean_surface_wave_WikiCom_IYH


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