To Be Happy, Live In The Service Of Love

As most of you know, I spent many years in the throes of clinical depression.  I was a therapist during those years and still I suffered from depression.  And even during those dark days, I knew that I felt best when I was loving other people.   What I didn’t understand until much later was that it was the love going OUT that fed my soul, not love returnequietsunsetreflection_Dunia Castillo_AimerLaNature_SHS2d.  The depression caused me to feel unlovable and so I was looking for Love in all the wrong places.

In recovery (which to be clear included hospitalization, therapy and medication as well as my spiritual awakening,) I found the Love I had sought – right at the inner core of ME!  Cup-overflowing-Love, accompanied by Joy and Peace and Gratitude. Oh, yes, and HAPPINESS!

I discovered that when I  returned again and again to the principle of Love flowing OUT from my heart no matter what – in meditation first, then in thought, then word and deed, I could honestly say I was a happy person, for the first time ever. Each time life challenges me these days, I find my Right Path through the challenge by rising above judgments, opening my heart, and living in the service of Love.

Not to mislead, I don’t always succeed right away, I am far from perfect in my practice.  Still, even when I fall prey to judgments and resentments, I know I am “off my feed” as it were, off-center, and the gift is that I know where the Center IS.  Right in my opened heart,

2 thoughts on “To Be Happy, Live In The Service Of Love

  1. What a great post! How did you truly find the inner core of “ME”? how did you re-train your thought process etc? My mother, sadly is going through terrible depression/anxiety/OCD and was hospitalized 3 weeks ago. I have not seen really any changes in her since discharge.


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