The Wellness Universe – Your Healing Resource and My New Home Community

My article on Resilience, Learning to Surf the Waves of Change, has been featured today at The Wellness Universe, where I am blessed to be a Core Blogger.  I think it’s one of my better pieces and I hope you hop over to read it.

I am very happy in my new community, The Wellness Universe, where almost 1000 authors, healers, spiritual leaders, etc. from all over the world new badgehave gathered together in the last 6 months under the leadership of a very talented and heart-driven team  to send an amplified wave of love and healing – and expertise – across the globe. Think of us as a kind of Linked-in for positive change. I have been aware for a long time of my being part of a huge movement of people everywhere midwifing a planetary awakening, but after my retirement, I had never had the tools until now to connect with others like myself around our shared passion.

I joined The Wellness Universe because it provides the 3 things I needed most as a writer

  1.  Community and Colleagues. I live happily with my sweetie in the AZ desert, surrounded by beauty and wildlife.  I was clicking away on my computer but I had no colleagues to support my vision, swap tips with, etc., and even though I’m an introvert and love long periods of silence to work in, I really missed having colleagues after retirement. Now I have AMAZING colleagues, some I have followed for years.  Did I mention, there is no competition, only co-creation?
  2. Personal and Professional Growth. Surrounded with wisdom and  sharing my colleagues’ uplifting messages as well as my own, keeps me on my path of recovery and spirituality.  WU has challenged me to learn many new skills- after all the  online world has changed a lot since I retired 10 years ago,  We have a huge resource collection and tons of loving support as we try new things. Thus, my bi-monthly newsletter.  Thus becoming a Twitter maven.  My next growing edge will be learning to do webinars.  On my!  Scary, but doable because of the support i am offered.
  3. Audience. What writer doesn’t long for more audience for their words?  You may have noticed my “re-blogs”numbers  have  gone up substantially and that will continue because I want to bring you as much wisdom as I can – and not all of it has to come from me.   At WU I am in very august company,including many successful authors with hundreds of thousands of followers, and as we share each other’s work, all of our work gets more views.  And being blessed to be chosen as a Core Blogger  for the WU blog means my message has a global audience, like with today’s article on Resilience..  Woohoo!

If you share a message of hope and healing, you can apply to join us here.

“Walk Away Feeling Better.”  How you can find help.

All of us, including me, face challenges in some area of body/mind/spirit – and the planet as a whole also faces challenges. The Wellness Universe has a scratch for every itch and a balm for every bo-boo.  Well, almost every one.  If you are challenged in any area of life, we have experts who will share their knowledge with you. Right now I am learning about gut health to address my systemic inflammation and autoimmune disorders.

Together, we at WU constitute a giant collection of healing resources and I am blown away at the quality of the expertise gathered here. Here are some FREE ways you can benefit;

  • Sign up for our free newsletter (there’s a link at the right side of my article on the WU site about 3/4 of the way down the page) for a weekly collection of inspirational, wellness-oriented articles and quotes – no strings attached.
  • Go  to our blog to see our daily articles and quotes.
  • Go directly to the keywords directory and enter some to find experts in the area of your interests.  When you enter the site, you have hundreds of keywords to choose from in the areas of   Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual Wellness. When you click your keyword, You will be taken to a list of people who offer information, services and even products to meet your needs.

The last six months (since I joined WU) have been months of exponential personal and professional growth and I am so grateful to the WU team and my amazing colleagues for coming together to co-create a better world for all of us., and for allowing me to actively participate

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