About Blogging To Build A Following

Are you a writer hoping someone out there is reading your words? Do you have something to say, experiences to share, that you know will benefit others, but you don’t know how to find those others? Or are you writing about struggles in some area of life and hoping to find someone who will be able to relate to you?

happy crowdTwitter and Facebook each have their place. I have fallen in love with making beautiful inspirational FB posters, and making them puts me into a beautiful meditative, openhearted space. Art is like that. Right-brained. And I have developed a global following, which is very gratifying. I am learning Twitter, where you can find 500 followers quickly. But they won’t really know you, nor you them. On Facebook “pages” you can draw followers who respond to your message, but you can’t go into depth about a complex concept – and you don’t get to know them in turn.

Blogs are wonderful places to build readership and followers, but you have to know this about us: bloggers are WRITERS. We express our truths through the written word. At least 300 words, usually more like 500 –900 and long-form blogs can go for pages. We  are not Twitter or Facebook and look forward to reading your thoughts, not your 144 character messages.

If you have a product, your associated blog should not be an ad promoting your product. It should be you building relationships with your readers by talking about things that your readers will benefit from and enjoy.

friends_Blog_Flickr_PDOn platforms such as WordPress and Blogger, mostly you will meet other bloggers. Some will be published authors, most will not. Most are struggling to understand themselves and their lives and valiantly using the written word to do so. Writing is very therapeutic and the anonymity of the Internet allows people to express things they can’t yet tell their friends and family. You have the privilege of witnessing for them, even with a “like” and saying the occasional supportive thing in response. Follow any tags to build relationships and following in your niche, and build readership by building relationship. Always respond if someone comments on your posts.

Building a following for your message will not go fast, but it will go deeper. You will get to know each other as people. In many cases your followers will get an email whenever you post something – and that’s a fabulous thing if you are a writer hoping someone out there is reading your words. All you need to do now is to make sure when they get that email, they read something that will interest and benefit them.

Namaste, Gerry

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