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Dear Open Hearted Musings Community, please excuse, I have some housekeeping details to attend to here.  This post is primarily for my colleagues at The Wellness Universe.  I promise a post for everyone else  later today.  Remember, if your message is one that supports others’ healing in body/mind/spirit and you want to join us at The Wellness Universe, there is a link on the WU home page to apply to join.  You could check some of the inspiring blogs below for a sampling.
I have been collecting WU bloggers’ urls into a list on my site Reader so that I can go to the Reader and…well… read what you have posted lately. I know there are MANY more.  I am sharing this list so that you other WU bloggers can do the same and we can form a closer WU  village here on WP and support each other’s blogging work. If your blog is not listed here, please add it in comments – I do really want to follow you!
Here’s what to do:
  1. Wellness-Universe-Member-Badge-250x250If your blog is not on this list, please add it in comments so we can follow you.  I will then add you to my list and others can as well.
  2. To make your own list, click on your Reader at the top of your page.
  3.  On the left hand side bar there is an option “new list.”
  4. Title your list and add the names.
  5. When you open your Reader from then on,you can go to the list to see what your WU colleagues have been up to.
 That’s it.  Easy-peasy!
Such exciting times we are living in.
Big hugs, gerry

A Joyful Spirit
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Quotes For Spiritually Minded People
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Cheryl O’Connor
Living On The Inside
Creating Your Happy Season
The White Rose Path Blog
Archangel Empowerment
Rebel Thriver
The Phoenix Gathering
Tomato Wellness Blog
Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance
Positive Posts
Inner Calm Reiki
Saxton Studio Blog
Evolved Eating
Transform Your Life With Tony T Robinson.
Valerie Pizana’s JIC Blog
Open Hearted Musings
Heal With Love
Namaste Rays™ News

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